Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thrusher All Night

Brand new stuff from the one and only Thrusher. After banging out a couple of dubstep tracks Lucas decided to get back in to the electro world and rework Jack Beats latest single 'All Night'.
This one is HUGE to say the least! The bassline is so grimey and seems to grow throughout the whole track. Cant wait to play this one out!!

Jack Beats ft John B - All Night (Thrusher Remix) by Thrusher


  1. wasnt this thrusher guy ragging on dubstep like a month ago? then he goes and makes a few tracks that are exactly the same as the kind of music he totally dismissed???
    pfffftt...wana get on my band wagon?

  2. I'll get on your wagon if it's carrying a Dubstep band.