Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Beat The Weekend part. 14

Ya'll know the drill by now. Here's a bunch of awesome tunes, download, listen and smile!

Its finally dropped... (in to the right slot) See what i did there? Hah

Ajax dropped this on the Starfuckers 'Tidal Rave' cruise the other week and nearly sank the boat.

Party beat maddness. This one is set to have the whole party jumpin'

Fire up the Bass Cannons.. again! Also we're just trying to source this awesome mixtape by Getter at the moment so hold tight.

I saw Skrillex the other night in Sydney. He was constantly announcing all this brand new unreleased stuff so hold tight, especially for the collab with Diplo. That was HUUUGE! In the meantime jump on this grenade.

Party mash up time thanks to Lobsterdust

Think im falling in love with Hey Today. This track just keeps building, even through the breakdown. Cool shit!

I think we might have to dedicate a monthly post to the Wollongong boys. Here we have Deanjay who is one half of Slippery When Wet with a mad remix!

And again from the Gong. This time its Narrator and the other half of Slippery When Wet - Ruslan with a remix of the Missy Elliot classic 'Gossip Folks'. I have to admit the first time i listened to this i had the biggest smile on my face when it dropped.

OK now for the finale. A dubstep version of 'Paranoid Android' that is on point. I have to admit i was very sceptical pushing play but this is awesome and doesn't destroy or take anything away from the original. One for repeat!

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