Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Live Sets

Smidgem has just been completely overrun by mixtapes this past week. Not that that's a bad thing, they're all quality and come with my highest reccomendations! Here we have a couple of live sets from good friend of Smidgems that were recorded by Raw Fm.

First up from Canberra we have Cheese. This live set of his was recorded straight after Skrillex and right before Deadmau5 (crazy set time) at the recent Warehouse Festival. Its full of all those tracks that you always want to hear when you're in fine form.

Cheese Live @ Warehouse Festival 2011 - Streamed-to-Air on RAW FM 87.6 by Cheese

Here we have two kids form the central coast who go by the name of Wolfpack. Ive seen these guys play a few times now and they definitly know how to pump the crowd up. The place is jumping by the end of their set! This set was recorded at the Woodport Inn on the Central Coast.

Live RAW fm Set - (5/11) by WOLFPACK!


  1. WOLFPACK is rockin! I gotta feeling these guys are gonna be bigger than christianity

  2. Definitely WOLFPACK is awesome.