Monday, November 29, 2010


A few songs for you today.Frist comes a Booka Shade remix from techno guru Popof. He took a hiatus for a while but over the last few months he has been pumping out some wicked jams.
Shit gets creepy in at around 3 minutes then comes in a haunting female voice that delivers you to a hypnotic rolling beat that will only suffice on LOUD speakers. Groove!

And here is a relatively new one from Parisian Mikix The Cat(or as his more techy alter ego Mommas Boy). Now when your talking diversity you cant get much better than the Trouble And Bass native. His new track "Girls" is like getting 4 seasons in one day.Just give it a listen and you will know what I mean.Dude has skills, expect a feature post soon!!

Mikix The Cat- Girls Highly Advised

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Skrillex - Bruno Mars

I first heard this one in BeatauCues november mix and since then it has been a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. Skrillex, usually known for his glitchy dubstep productions takes a very mainstream approach with this one with some confusing results. I can imagine a DJ at a trendy LA nightspot playing this after a Madonna song and fist pumpin' the crap outta it. I mean... I hate everything this track stands for but for some reason can't stop listening to it. If all else this thing is a floor filler and if you mouth the lyrics you will most probably get laid. Bruno Mars is most likely a 'Batty Boi' so the remix is aptly named.

Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are (Skrillex 'Bat Boi' Remix)


Friday, November 26, 2010

The Soundcloud Roundup #2

So I delved deep into the world of Soundcloud again. Read below, awesomeness ensues.

First up is a tune by Sydneysider Caleb Crinis working under the guise of Narrator. Judging by the tunes on his page this guy is set for big things. A lot of funky stuff which is also very unique. This one is probably my favourite out of the bunch however there's some other gold on his page and it's well worth checking out. His track Move Yo Feet can also be found in Beat The Weekend Pt. 7.

Backyard Betty (Original Mix) - Narrator & Ruslan by Narrator

UK natives Zombie Disco Squad have a plethora of his in today's dance music scene and this one is no exception. Nice drums and just straight up funk-eh.

Zombie Disco Squad - Hobo by ZDS

If you don't already know Daft Punk have done a new track for the upcoming release of Tron Legacy. The original is pretty cool, however L.A based brothers Matt & Josh David or Breakdown have made it pretty cooler. The production level on this is insane, it's just great to listen to.

Daft Punk - Derezzed (Breakdown Remix) by Breakdown

I mentioned in a recent post the release of Bart B More and Tommie Sunshines 'Drop Acid' and the great job Figure did remixing it. Well I have to say Will Bailey has done just as good if not better with this one.


I heard this one a while ago but it's still dope. Great little number by LA Riots tuba sample and all.

LA Riots - Control Your Tuba Clip by LA Riots

Canadian producer Barletta caused a bit of a stir a while back with his amzing bootlegs of mainstream pop songs. He's made a foray into Dubstep with this one and has definitely succeded.

Barletta - Falling up by Djbarletta

That's all folks....until next time!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Subvert reworks The Cranberries classic tune 'zombie'
This is HUGE.! He recently closed down his set at Shambala with this weapon.

12th Planet

12th Planet is a producer most well known as the head honcho of Smog Records out in LA, California. A well respected DJ in his own right and a firm favourite with the likes of Breakage, Skream, Jack Beats and Rusko. He was just in Australia last week and smashed up clubs all around the country. Clean the wax out of your ears and turn this up!!

tracklisting in comments

Beat the Weekend.. part 7

Nowhere to run this time. The boys Bring thier A game with this one

Bar 9 take this track to the next level

Excision puts his robot hands to good use. This was one of the highlights of the Shambala mixtape

Nuke them all!

Two heavyweights go for a few rounds with dubstep.
And the winner

The Beetroots put a different spin on Goose's new one.

This is a massive weapon for the Djs. Certain to get the crowd going nuts!

This one is massive!! Stay tuned for a bit of a feature on this kid.

Wobble meltdown. WOW

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


It seems to be all about the collabs of late. It also seems to be working...well. Steve Aoki and Armand Van Helden teamed up to release Brrrat! about a month ago and I must admit that I didn't really get down on the original. However this latest remix EP has some serious awesomeness to it. With remixes from dance heavyweight Bart B More and Beataucue along with a slew of other bangers this thing is well worth the buy. Not to sure when us Aussies will be able to pick it up as it's restricted to 'not us' at the moment but it's so sick it's worth the wait! (But head on over to Beatport any way for a squiz at all the tracks)

Beataucues take on this one is a far cry from their most recent release Disque Oh! and I mean that in the best way possible... I first heard this in their most recent monthly mixtape and was blown away. This thing builds and builds and builds.......then explodes...check it!

Armand Van Helden & Steve Aoki - BRRRAT! (BeatauCue remix) by BeatauCue

Now I've never heard of SoniC before but after hearing this I have a feeling I'm going to want to start hearing a lot more.

Armand Van Helden & Steve Aoki - Brrrat! (SoniC Remix)


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sound Pelli!

Orgasmic & Teki Latex are the combo that make up the Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team.
One of the most forward thinking and progressive dance music groups of today. Having released epic tracks from Bart B More , Renaissance Man and Harvard Bass, its plain to see why the name carries weight in today's dance music circles.

Anyways,let cut to the chase.Here is a mix that the duo put out not to long ago with all exclusive and unreleased tracks.And the chances are that you probably wont see any of these released for a long time to come.Damn industry people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team-Post-Time Travel Nose Bleed Mix

Jacques Greene - Holdin’ On (Luckyme)
Joyce Muniz - Party over here, Party over there (Homework remix) (Exploited)
Canblaster - Clockworks (Para One & Teki Latex remix) (Nightshifters)
Bassanova - Terrordactyl (Nacho lovers remix) (Grizzly)
French Fries & Chaos in the CBD - With You (Youngunz)
Funkin Matt - Jim Dandy (Fjordin)
Drop the Lime - Hot As Hell (Canblaster remix) (Trouble & Bass)
Bambounou - Untitled (CDR)
Jay Weed - The Naos (502)
High Powered Boys - Udon (Sound Pellegrino)
Mike q - Whip my Ha (CDR)
Style of Eye - Wet ( Sound Pellegrino)
Savage Skulls - Caravan (Sound Pellegrino)
Worthy - The Big Perm (Harvard Bass remix) - (Discobelle records)
Panteros 666 - X Lova (Sound Pellegrino)

Bassnectar - BBC mix

From the horses mouth-

"Bass fans! It’s been SOOOOOO long since I’ve had a chance to put together a good mix for your ears. I finally got the opportunity to do so when the Bassnectar Europe Tour swung through London. We dropped by the BBC and Annie Nightingale was kind enough to play the mix before the show at Fabric." Bassnectar

Grab it here

I'll Show You Bass and Brooklyn Fire

It's been a big week for bass heavyweight Figure. First up his new release "I'll Show You Bass" EP on Calvertrons Jack Knife Records is a heavy hitter and has amassed a large amount of positive feedback on Soundcloud. But even bigger news is the forming of Brooklyn Fire Records, a collab of Figure and dance music royalty Tommie Sunshine. Figure also made a theme for the labels launch which features his signature bassline. Oh shit and more Figure related news...his remix of the Tommie Sunshine and Bart B More track 'Drop Acid' was also recently release, and it's a doozy.

Figure - I'll Show You Bass (Original Mix) OUT NOW ! by Figure

Tommie searched high and low for these little gems, a fantastic first release.
V/A - Fire House One [Brooklyn Fire 001] by Brooklyn Fire

Of course all these tracks are available on Beatport so head on over and give some support.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Girl Talk

No need to try and convince you to download Girl Talk's new album 'All Day'. If you have his last couple of albums you know what im talking about.. Jump up fun from start to finish!

Head over to the page here to get the link

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Skrillex - scary monsters and nice sprites (Redial's Blastoise Edit) TEASER

This is insane take a listen.

Skrillex - scary monsters and nice sprites (Redial's Blastoise Edit) TEASER by TuffemupRedial

Dizz and Draz

So Dizz and Draz, these 2 guys have really come a long way. Now deciding to team up they are ready to devestate dancefloors around the world. After hearing their bootleg of Dem Slackers 'Fifty What' i headed to thier soundcloud to check some more of the boys work. Heres a couple of tracks that really stood out.

Grab the boys mixtape right now too! You only need to listen to the intro to be hooked.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Proxy - Abyss & Cypher

Proxy is know for his dark and dirty style of electronic music and with a slew of hugely popular tracks in recent times including 'Raven', '8000', 'Vibrate' and his classic 'Dancing In The Dark' he has secured a spot as one of the biggest names dance music. The impending release of his first album on Turbo has become the topic of much hype in the blogosphere. My prediction?... once this thing drops the whole world will fall to Communism. Below are two preview tracks from the album..massive stuff.

Proxy - Abyss

Proxy - Cypher Boooom!

For more Proxy tunes click HERE

Sunday, November 14, 2010

WEEKENDS!!! feat Sirah - Skrillex

Sonny Moore, better known as Skrillex is a one-man machine describing his current sound as “a mix of dubstep, electro and glitch all thrown together. Skrillex released his debut EP "My Name Is Skrillex" in June this year as a free download on his management's website and within weeks it had accrued almost 5000 downloads. His latest release 'Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites' was a huge success with 8 songs breaking the Beatport top 10, which is impressive considering the EP only featured 9 songs. The title track also held the number 1 spot, which is the first time ever a Dubstep track has graced such heights. 2011 is going to be a massive year so expect a lot more from Skrillex!

This is my fav song of that EP weekends feat sirah and if you dont have the ''My Name Is Skrillex'' EP pick it up below.

Skrillex - WEEKENDS feat Sirah

My Name I Skrillex EP zipped folder
1. My Name Is Skrillex
2. Weekends feat Sirah
3. Fucking Die 1
4. Fucking Die 2 (Cooper mix)
5. Do Do Oliphant
6. With You Friends

And head on over to Beatport to pick up 'Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites'.


I came across this little gem whilst on Which by the way if you don't already know about you should most definitely check out. Three chaps from Holland under the guise of Noisia(full Bio here) are known for thier work in Drum & Bass, now taking the Dubstep route they have turned Skrillex's bass bin destroyer 'Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites' into something that can only be described as 'Gnarly'. In Dubstep it seems to be the dirtier the noise the better and this is close to the dirtiest I've ever heard.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Not In Love

When I heard about this I almost didn't believe it, however now it's here and Glitch crusaders Crystal Castles have teamed up with none other than Robert Smith of The Cure to make a true masterpiece of collaborative music. The Cure are my all time favourite band and to hear Mr. Smith croon over a distortion heavy Crystal Castles beat is nothing short of amazing. So do yourself a favour and download this song, you WILL NOT regret it.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Flickin through somes I found a track I was meant to throw up a while back but forgot. The man known as "The Prince Of Darkness" or commonly Dubfire, has put a few extra touches to Plastikman's snare filled masterpiece, Spastik. Suited for darkrooms and early morning hours.This will have you wondering where your brain went.

Plastikman-Spasktik (Dubfire Rework)

Speaking of Plastikman ,demi god Richie Hawtin will be bringing his infamous Plastikman live show down to Australia for the FMF in 2011..All reports I have seen say its a mind blowing spectacle not to be missed.Heres a little teaser video of what to expect.

Monday, November 08, 2010


Boom, another OMGITM mixtape, #41 is created by one of Belgium sickest DJ's, GTRONIC. This mix is packed with some sick heavy bass tracks, which is no surprise when you see the tracklist. So, any Gtronic lovers here? If so, get ready for a 45 min roller-coaster ride. If not, you will be a fan after hearing this mixtape

Gtronic - OMGITM Mixtape

1. Heads We Dance - When The Sirens Sound (GTRONIC remix)
2. GTRONIC - Suck My Lollipop
3. Foamo - Everything Cool (GTRONIC RMX EDITED)
4. Devnik - Concrete (GTRONIC RMX)
5. Pink a Pad - Pink is back (GTRONIC RMX)
6. NT89 ft Distrakt - Pumpin’ (GTRONIC RMX)
7. GTRONIC - Cameltoe
8. GTRONIC - Iron Man
9. GTRONIC - My Money
10. Bloody Beetroots fr Steve Aoki - Warp (GTRONIC RMX)
11. Tom Deluxx - Careful (GTRONIC RMX)
12. GTRONIC ft Oddword - Chop Chop
13. Autodidakt ft RQM - 15 Seconds (GTRONIC RMX)
14. GTRONIC - Slasher
15. TAI ft Steve Aoki - Paradise Poltergeist (GTRONIC RMX)
16. GTRONIC - Sucker Punch


Pogo is a 21 year old music producer and video mastermind operating out in Perth. Originally from South Africa Pogo discovered his love for music at age 12 banging out on his Playstation game "Music 2000". Pogo is now more widely known for chopping up both audio and visual from classic childrens movies. His best known work "Alice" has received 4, 663, 107 hits since its release 3 years ago. Pogo has many other amazing pieces of work you can view on his youtube channel here. Pogo has a Pirates Of The Caribbean mix "Swashbuckle"waiting for release, unfortunately being contracted work the producers at Jerry Bruckheimer Films dont want to release the video at this point in time. Pogo even said "I think it's one of my best mixes yet..."

Smidgemers! Stay tuned for more work from Pogo and make sure you visit his website and youtube channel.

Happy Birthday.

So I realised today that Smidgem has hit the big 01. That's right it was a year ago Saturday that this blog was brought into this world to share with you all the wondrous joy that is music. I'm not going to lie I feel a little warm inside writing this, I imagine it's comparable to that of raising a child (almost definitely not comparable), the feeling of creating something that has come so far in so little time. From it's ever so humble beginnings as a page that I could share music I was "feelin'" at the time, to having numerous contributors each in their own way diversifying the content (as much as you can in the small niche' of Electronic music) and making Smidgem a happy place for music lovers around the world. A year ago a I never would have thought that our inbox would be overflowing with promo or that we would have interviews and exclusive content but I guess that just goes to show the power that blogs have in the modern age of music. This is something that I've only come to realise since I became part of that world, albeit a small part it's these masses of small parts that make the whole. For the future? Onward and upward I say, the Blogosphere will only grow more and more each day and with it the number of people acquiring their music from blogs will grow. I would also like to add a huge thank you to our readers, whether you're a regular or this is the first post you've read everyone at Smidgem would like to say THANK YOU. Also I would like to thank you if you've read this far into my rant but I feel it's deserving of such an occasion. Smidgem will endeavour to make our second year bigger and better than our first not sure how or why but I know we can.

Oh and here's a song, a bit of an old one now...however I can't think of a song more appropriate.

Cut Copy - Lights & Music (Boys Noize 'Happy Birthday' Remix)

Sunday, November 07, 2010


After a long await its finally here smidgem contributor/Dj, JIM JUNKIE has just dropped his new mixtape, This one’s set to go off. The track list reads like a Who’s Who of fun bringing us his blend of electro,dubstep and downright dirty noise and just in time for the wknd too, so be quick and get on this one cos its banging...

Jim Junkie - WAKE THE NEIGHBOURS - direct download link

1. ZZT - ZZafrica
2. DJ Antention - Real Bad
3. The Oddword - No Machine
4. Tim Healey & Calvertron - Back to the Ghetto (Krafty Kuts)
5. Sidney Samson - The World Is Yours
6. Afrojack & The Party Squad - Amsterdam
7. The Oddword ft. Gtronic - Chop Chop
8. WTF?! & Dead Prez - Its bigger than hip hop (Sidney Samson)
9. Dillon Francis - Take me high
10. Pendulum - The island pt. II
11. Dem Slackers - Let's go (Bart B More)
12. DJ Antention - Jump (The Oddword)
13. Dem Slackers - Fifty what (Dizz & Drazz)
14. Beat & Bang - Listen to moscow
15. The Prodigy - Breathe (DJ Antention & CK)
16. Mightyfools - Heads up (Bloody Beetroots)
17. Light Year - Sex education
18. Duck Sauce - Barbera Streisand
19. Bart B More - Brap
20. The Kaiser Chiefs - Everyday i love you less and less (Boys Noize)
21. DJ Antention - Go (Bigger & Bolder)
22. Gtronic - My money
23. Example - Last one standing (Doctor P)
24. Eric Sharp & Bass Cadet - Thunder cats (Sick Boy)
25. Supabeatz & Landmark - Rhumbla wohoo (Jay Robinson)
26. Tim Berg - Alcoholic (Dada Life)
27. Tai ft. Steve Aoki - Paradise poltergeist
28. DJ Antention - Poison
29. Skrillex - Rock and roll .

Saturday, November 06, 2010


Sydney local Hayden Korn aka REVOLVER has been tearing the Sydney hard electro scene apart as part of Trashbags, teenage terror squad for the past year now and things aren't slowing down with this mix he just sent along. Its a 40 minute freight train ride so hold on tight and enjoy the ride..

Booooom ! by Revolver!

REVOLVER - Booooom!

1. mr skeleton & b.(h)ave - talking that scary !?
2. dj antention - ivan
3. the toxic avenger - toxic is dead (cyberpunkers remix)
4. soda & suds - heavy (the oddword remix)
5. pandamic - earthquake (monophonique end of the world remix)
6. dj antention - rapid fire (beat & bang remix)
7. proxy - raven
8. trumpdisco - bullshit
9. dj dlg - paramount (rogerseventy two remix
10. the bloody beetroots - dimmakmmunication
11. sharam jey ft. tommy sunshine - the things (cyberpunkers remix)
12. trashing teenagers - corruption (haezer remix)
13. hey today! - strange (polymorphic remix)
14. bring me the horrizon - death breath (the toxic avenger remix)


Asian Dan Presents Rynecologist Still Thinking Pt. II [The OZ Edition]
In Association w/ Boys Noize Records & Future Entertainment

RYNECOLOGIST - Still Thinking Pt. II (The OZ Edition) [2010] by RYNECOLOGIST

RYNECOLOGIST - Still Thinking Pt. II (The OZ Edition) [2010]

1. JAN DRIVER - Rat Alert
2. GREEN VELVET - Harmageddon / GUCCI VUMP - Shashtilism
3. ART DEPARTMENT - Without You / MARLIN & DORY - No Eating Here Tonight
4. CHEMICAL BROTHERS - Swoon (Boys Noize Summer MIX)
5. AUTOEROTIQUE & SONIC C - K*M*A (Rynecologist AA Stock RMX)
6. JOHN ROMAN - Karenina
7. METRO AREA - Miura
8. CARTE BLANCHE - Gare Du Nord
9. TIGA - You Gonna Want Me (Hey Today! RMX)
10. MAGNUS & STYLE OF EYE - Antidote
11. BORUSSIA - I Send A Message
13. DICKROULETTE - Dickroulette
14. POGO - Upular (Rynecologist Helium RWRK)
15. HALL & OATES - Private Eyes
16. JAMIE LIDELL - I Wanna Be Your Telephone (Tiga's Party Like It's 19909 RMX)
17. NT89 - Persian
18. CLOUDS - Eyes
19. MR. OIZO - M-Seq
21. BORDELLO & GINGY - Vaporizer (Rynecologist RMX)
22. HEY TODAY! - Strange (Boris Dlugosch RMX)
23. BOYS NOIZE - Yeah!
24. TAI - Beat Down
25. STRIP STEVE - Breakin (Rynecologist RMX)
26. SHINICHI OSAWA feat. PAUL CHAMBERS - Singapore Swing
27. STYLE OF EYE - Homeless (Busy P & Neus RMX)
28. FISCHERSPOONER - Infidels Of The World Unite (Rynecologist RMX)
29. ZZT - Zzafrika
30. PAUL CHAMBERS - Yeah, Techno! (Boris Dlugosch Re-Edit)
31. BOYS NOIZE - Kontact Me (Rynecologist Turbine RMX)
32. JUSTICE - Phantom Pt. II (Boys Noize Turbine RMX)
33. BURNS & FRED FALKE - You Stopped Loving Me (Rynecologist RMX)
34. FLEETWOOD MAC - Everywhere

Friday, November 05, 2010

Disque Oh!

I raved about this track in my Soundcloud roundup and here it is. It's not 320, however you can grab it on  Beatport on the 15th of this month.

BeatauCue - Disque Oh!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Traktor Kontrol S4