Monday, November 08, 2010


Pogo is a 21 year old music producer and video mastermind operating out in Perth. Originally from South Africa Pogo discovered his love for music at age 12 banging out on his Playstation game "Music 2000". Pogo is now more widely known for chopping up both audio and visual from classic childrens movies. His best known work "Alice" has received 4, 663, 107 hits since its release 3 years ago. Pogo has many other amazing pieces of work you can view on his youtube channel here. Pogo has a Pirates Of The Caribbean mix "Swashbuckle"waiting for release, unfortunately being contracted work the producers at Jerry Bruckheimer Films dont want to release the video at this point in time. Pogo even said "I think it's one of my best mixes yet..."

Smidgemers! Stay tuned for more work from Pogo and make sure you visit his website and youtube channel.

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