Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sound Pelli!

Orgasmic & Teki Latex are the combo that make up the Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team.
One of the most forward thinking and progressive dance music groups of today. Having released epic tracks from Bart B More , Renaissance Man and Harvard Bass, its plain to see why the name carries weight in today's dance music circles.

Anyways,let cut to the chase.Here is a mix that the duo put out not to long ago with all exclusive and unreleased tracks.And the chances are that you probably wont see any of these released for a long time to come.Damn industry people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team-Post-Time Travel Nose Bleed Mix

Jacques Greene - Holdin’ On (Luckyme)
Joyce Muniz - Party over here, Party over there (Homework remix) (Exploited)
Canblaster - Clockworks (Para One & Teki Latex remix) (Nightshifters)
Bassanova - Terrordactyl (Nacho lovers remix) (Grizzly)
French Fries & Chaos in the CBD - With You (Youngunz)
Funkin Matt - Jim Dandy (Fjordin)
Drop the Lime - Hot As Hell (Canblaster remix) (Trouble & Bass)
Bambounou - Untitled (CDR)
Jay Weed - The Naos (502)
High Powered Boys - Udon (Sound Pellegrino)
Mike q - Whip my Ha (CDR)
Style of Eye - Wet ( Sound Pellegrino)
Savage Skulls - Caravan (Sound Pellegrino)
Worthy - The Big Perm (Harvard Bass remix) - (Discobelle records)
Panteros 666 - X Lova (Sound Pellegrino)

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