Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Some tunes?

I've been rather lacking with the posting side of things lately, and it's lucky for the blog's sake that Jamie has been posting shit left right and centre (yeah Jamie, yeah!!!). Although I have been fairly busy at the moment with school, my own tunes and stuff like that. Anyway I don't want to bore you with my life so here's a few cool tunes that have had me bouncing around my room lately!

Huge Klaxons fan, saw them play it live and it was mental, huge Designer Drugs fan and the things they can do with a song that already rules so much had me salivating.....so, you say? Why haven't you posted this earlier? Hmmm, to be honest I listened to this track once when I got it a while back and dismissed it as "yeah a good track". However I was wrong...it's far more than that, it's a great track.

Klaxons  - Echoes (Designer Drugs Remix)

This one is unreleased, however I sleuthed my way through various internet...things and acquired it. I'm very glad that I did, this in dopeness x4000. After hearing this I think it's fair to say mr. 12th Planet really influenced a lot of Skrillex's early production work. Regardless...this is fucking massive get it inside you speakers.. NOW!!!!

Skrillex ft. Penny - All I Ask Of You (12th Planet Remix)

I never really considered dutch house a genre, it's just one of those unnecessary sub-genres that, well, doesn't exist. Anyway call this what you want it's got a super dope vibe, cool atmospherics and some 8-bit esque synth that will have you smiling ear to ear.

Afrojack & R3hab - Prutataa 

Live Sets

Smidgem has just been completely overrun by mixtapes this past week. Not that that's a bad thing, they're all quality and come with my highest reccomendations! Here we have a couple of live sets from good friend of Smidgems that were recorded by Raw Fm.

First up from Canberra we have Cheese. This live set of his was recorded straight after Skrillex and right before Deadmau5 (crazy set time) at the recent Warehouse Festival. Its full of all those tracks that you always want to hear when you're in fine form.

Cheese Live @ Warehouse Festival 2011 - Streamed-to-Air on RAW FM 87.6 by Cheese

Here we have two kids form the central coast who go by the name of Wolfpack. Ive seen these guys play a few times now and they definitly know how to pump the crowd up. The place is jumping by the end of their set! This set was recorded at the Woodport Inn on the Central Coast.

Live RAW fm Set - (5/11) by WOLFPACK!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Slippery When Wet

SlipperyWhenWet DJs were born in June 09, when Russ & Dean discovered that while other people’s eyes glazed over at their endless music-nerd talk ,they both shared a passionate love for electronic music, and could spend hours playing tracks for each other and crapping on about electro to fidget to dubstep. Already the coolest kids on the South coast, it wasn’t too long before the DJ duo grew too big for the Wollongong pond and started to head up to Sydney every weekend, where they felt so at home they quickly took up residences at the infamous club 77( Starfuckers), and Candys Apartment. The boys have been killing it on a few solo projects and collab's too under their other guises Ruslan & DeanJay. They're definitly a act to go out of your way to see!

They just sent through this awesome 20 min mix that is jam packed with the most banging tracks going round and it has plenty of their own work thrown in the mix too. This has been on serious repeat!

Slippery When Wet - 20 min mix

Friday, May 27, 2011

Flux Pavillion & Doctor P - Takeover Mix

Flux Pavillion & Doctor P recently took over Radio One for 2 hours. As you would expect they lifted the roof of the joint with the illest dubstep getting around right now. The Circus crew seem to have their own sound and they showcase the shit out of it with this radio show. There is so much unreleased gold on here with mini mixes from Funtcase, Distance, Rocksonix, Cookie Monsta and of course Flux and the Doctor go back to back.

Tracklist in comments

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tipper - Wobble Factor

This is hands down one of the coolest mixtapes Ive heard. Tipper (real name David Tipper) is a British composer/producer specialising in elctronic music ranging from ambient, through trip hop to uptempo new school breakbeat. In this 'Wobble Factor' cd he brings all these genres together (with his own tracks) to form what me and my boys coined 'CROWSTEP'. If you dig this sound then please show Tipper some love on beatport. All these tracks are available as singles and there are plenty more beats just like this..

Jantsen - Sultan Of Swing

So by now im assuming (hoping) that you have downloaded and burst your eardrums to Excision's latest mixtape and your life has changed for the better. Its so hard to pick favourites on a cd like that one but I really got hooked on Sultan of Swing by Jantsen. Maybe just cause its really different that it stood out or that it reminds me of early Rusko. Either way groove and swing to your hearts content!


Raise Your Weapon - Noisia Remix

I stumbled across this the other day and given the names and reputations of both artists I knew it was going to be good. However this is beyond good!!!! This is probably the most well produced awesomest, superduper-est song I've heard. It's just plain mental, so if you don't have it do yourself a massive favour and get it, NOW!!!!

Deadmau5 - Raise Your Weapon (Noisia Remix)

Excision - The X Sessions Vol. 1

Everybodys favourite dubstep robot Excision has just released this brand new mixtape. As you would expect it is loaded with so much unreleased gold that will no doubt have you checking beatport everyday on the edge of your seat. The tracks that Excision has compliled on this are so heavy and dirty that every transformer within a few square blocks will be running for cover once they hear this blasting out of your speakers.


1. Excision - X

2. Excision & Downlink - Blue Steel

3. Datsik - Hydraulic

4. Dubsidia - Don't Tell It

5. Downlink & Calvertron - Get Ready

6. Koan Sound - Trouble in the West

7. Jantsen - Sultans of Swing

8. Hulk & Dan Wall - Brotorious

9. Ajapai - Battle

10. Skrillex - Reptile

11. Excision & Downlink - Reploid (Neon Steve rmx)

12. Dr Dre - Next Episode (Jay Robinson rmx)

13. Liquid Stranger - Make it Bang

14. Liquid Stranger - Less Corruption (rmx)

15. Excision & Downlink - Heavy Artillery (Skism rmx)

16. Datsik - Get Hype ft. Messinian

17. Doctor P - Tetris

18. Skeptiks - Cobwebs

19. Freak Slaughter - Guillotine (Tom Encore rmx)

20. Nightwalker - Stomp

21. No Thing - All As One

22. Calvertron - The Grid

23. Ajapai - Energize

24. Excision & Downlink - Existence VIP

25. Dub Foundation - Time to Burn

26. Noisia - Friendly Intentions

27. Liquid Stranger - Lockstep

28. Run DMT - Drop Top

29. Bare Noize - Wonderman

30. The Unik - Power

31. Skrillex - Turmoil

32. Terravita - Solar

33. Excision & Datsik - 8 Bit Superhero

34. Skrillex - All I Ask of You ft Penny (Skrillex/12th Planet rmx)

35. Bar 9 - Unorthodox ft Example (rmx)

36. Zeds Dead - Adrenaline

37. Lucky Date - Dub Disco (rmx)

38. Nightwalker - Dreamer

39. Robodance - Polymorphic (Torqux rmx)

40. Widelows - Extraterrestrial

41. Excision & Downlink - Not Enough

If you were unlucky enough to miss Excision's mix he did for Shambala last year then please follow this link.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Vengeance - Promo Mix

I have to admit i was pretty pumped when i saw this promo mix by Vengeance this afternoon. If you caught the guestmix he did for Smidgem a few months back you can understand why. This time Mark has just used all of his very own productions and mixed them together like no one else could so jump on this one now cause its set to go off! Most of the tracks on this mixtape are available on beatport throungh Vamp Music.

Just in case you missed it the first time round.. Please do yourself a favour and follow the link to reap the rewards.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Terrorist

So I just stumbled across this awesome mash up. Liquid Stranger meets Dj Vadim. Be sure to check out djvadim.com too as there is loads of cool stuff to keep you busy on them slow days.

Dj Vadim VS Liquid Stranger - The Terrorist Dubstep Remix by DJ Vadim

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fake Bratpack Minimix Series pt.1 mixed by Elmo Is Dead

Fake Bratpack member and Smidgem writer Elmo Is Dead has just finished up this mixtape for Sydney's newest club - Fake Club. Im sure by now you all have a few of his awesome bootlegs and mashups. Now just imagine 120 tracks mixed together in under 20 minutes... Pretty cool right!!

Fake Bratpack Minimix Series - PART 1, Mixed by Elmo is Dead by DJElmoisDead

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thrusher - Spanks

'WARNING - This track contains ground breaking bass, therefore must be played extremely loud.'

If you've been following Smidgem for a while then you also would of been following the progress of Lucas Wilkinson aka Thrusher. He's latest work of art falls in to the electro genre but he also draws some of his dubstep influences too. There are a bunch of awesome samples he used throughout the whole track too that really got me hooked. If you dig this sound make sure you check out the rest of his tracks on soundcloud.

Thrusher - Spanks direct download link

Spanks by Thrusher

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rusko - Everyday. Film Clip

Just saw this interesting video of Rusko's single 'Everyday'. It's filmed at the Sonar Sea in southern California which seems like an extremely desolate place, although it makes for a great setting. The large RUSKO letters are also currently being used as a stage prop on his US tour which would no doubt be frickin' awesome! Take a look!

Alvin Risk

I know that we say 'huge' and and 'massive' a lot here at Smidgem when talking about tracks. Those two words dont really do this next track justice. This is the first time Alvin Risk has had a go at producing dubstep and is already getting mad support by the likes of Skrillex, Pendulum, Designer Drugs and 12th Planet so you know he is on the money. Here he took NY based duo Matt & Kim's single Cameras and reworked the shit outta it. Mega props!!

There is also this rad film clip to go with it.

This is Alvin in electro mode... Amazing

Cerebral Vortex- Fly By Night (Alvin Risk Remix) by AlvinRisk

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We Run The Night

Knocked Up Noise just sent through this remix of Tonight Only's latest single 'We Run The Night'. The bassline throughout the track is on the money. Im backing this one over the Designer Drugs remix.


Monday, May 09, 2011

Smash Gordon

click on the picture for the tracklist

Feast your ears and your very spine upon this document, and hail the truth that it bestows upon thee. The very sirens of your soul will power you through 60 minutes of what can only be described as a full on assault of the frontal lobe. Trust that you will lose count of just how many songs are stacked into an unholy pillar inside of this mix, as your very sense of reality is crushed into a fine powder. Smash Gordon has come forth yet again to rock your body from your ears to your toes. This is a musical apocalypse – a true testament of pure and unleashed power and destruction.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Moonchild - Love Birds EP

So I'm a little late on this one, however better late than never right? Sydneysider Moonchild's debut EP Love Birds is a down right doozy and has some seriously big names on the remix side of things. Russ Chimes, Gigi Barocco and Australia's own Vengeance make this an absolute top level release. I was particularly pleased with the Vengeance mix and it's probably my favourite song right now. Out now on Vamp Music, so head on over to Beatport and pick up this masterful EP!

[Out April 11th] Moonchild - Love Birds EP + Remixes by Moonchild

Peking Duk - Bingo Trippin'

These two Canberra lads have done it again. I'm seriously impressed at the level of production these fellas have achieved in such a short time on the scene. Their latest release Bingo Trippin' is frickin' awesome and with a slew of great remixes, this is definitely one you should pick up. Out tomorrow on Viscous Bitch.

Bingo Trippin PREVIEW by Peking Duk

Peking duK - Bingo Trippin' (Nadisko Remix) - PREVIEW by Nadisko

Peking duK - Bingo Trippin (Shaolin Remix) *PREVIEW* by Shaolin.

Peking Duk - Bingo Trippin (Ben Colin Remix) preview by Ben Colin

Saturday, May 07, 2011

I'm Not Lazy.. I've Been Busy

My last post was Feb.. now being May, i'm 3 months behind on my monlthy contribution.
I haven't just been sitting on my ass doing sweet FA..
I'd even done most of the writing for the previous months, just hadn't got around to posting! ha

So here's 3 Months worth of my thoughts and music

Back again, for the March digest

Received this in a mailout a couple weeks ago (2 months ago).

Dirty Dutch, bringin back ‘Let The Bass Kick’ for another round of club saturation, with this tight as Re-work/Mashup
Chuckie vs. Sgt Slick - The Bass Kicks Like This (Angger Dimas vs Chuckie Mix)

Something a little more chin strokable, Munnibrotherz new (2 months old) EP on Dirty Bird features an epic remix by the Zombie Disco Squad
Munnibrotherz - Moon Chon Chayoh (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)

Sydney gay-scene-spectacular Astrix Little has just completed (2 months ago) this rad Minimix;
Yui by Astrix Little (Mix Up) by astrixlittledj
Def check it out if your into Tech House

Finally, a couple full length, mixed & mastered versions of a our ‘What So? Not’ tracks are now available for download!

What So? Not - Breathe (Original)
What So? Not - Breathe (Original) by What So? Not
A tastey Ghetto/dutch banger, with a break battle Vocal hook.

Funky Boogie (What So? Not's 'Hugh Jackman Main Mix') - Pilooski & John Ozila
Funky Boogie (What So? Not's 'Hugh Jackman Main Mix') - Pilooski & John Ozila by What So? Not
As featured on the Sweat it Out! Music Blog, this is a punchy disco/tech house spin on the original.

It was announced a couple months back insitue had gone broke, and the label would be shutting down operations.
It was a sad day, knowing a label that released such groundbreaking music from the likes of Surkin, Bobmo & Para One, was at the end of it's time.
On a much more possative note, this has kicked started activity in new areas. Marble Records officially released their first singles this week (now 3 weeks ago). One being Marble Anthem;

An epic ghetto tech house hybrid. Big 808 bass, heavily swung percussion hits & crisp house vox sample.

+ a little something for those impatient Sydney crowds
The Marble Players (surkin, paraone, Bobmo) - Marble anthem (Elmo is Dead Edit)

& this first release is only the beginning, check out the clip bellow;
Introducing Marble by Marble Music
A teaser of epic proportion, running through snips of a number of the tracks soon to be released on the label

Dooze Jackers & Wes De Graaf - Euh! (Original Mix)
*Amendment* Just been informed that i'm a little behind the 8 ball & Lucus (Thrusher) Posted this tune about 4 months ago, before it was released
See Here
My bad!

Still, heres an edit of the original
Dooze Jackers - Euh! (Elmo is Dead Edit)

& now we come to may!

As some of you know, for the past month I've been working away on the mix for the Fake Bratpack, a group of DJ's formed from the residents at FakeClub.
So for this month, I'm just going to give you a couple of edits & mashups, extracted from the mix (which should be up for download on Monday!)

Crookers & Savage Skulls - Bust Em Up (What So Not 'Bass Edition')
Crookers & Savage Skulls - Bust Em Up (What So Not 'Bass Edition') by What So? Not
As featured on Sweat it Out! Music Blog, this is a bass heavy party Bootleg of the Original Crookers track.

Ardalan & Justin Martin Vs Light Year Vs The Party Squad - Mr Spock Pulled 5 Girls (Elmo is Dead Mash)
Yes i know... another Mr Spock bootleg haha.. But this one is pretty fun!

Hello Vs Paper Planes (Elmo is Dead Mash) - Martin Solveig & Dragonette Vs M.I.A.
An alternate version to the one on my soundcloud, this one goes into the original mix of Hello, prime for warmup sets.


Thursday, May 05, 2011

Ado - Moda Mixtape

Fuck yeah! I was a little bit excited when i woke up to see this..

Moda Mixtape: Ado by itsmodamusic

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

An Assortment of Awsomeness

A few mid week tunes to get your motor running 'n' shit!

First up Dumme Jungs have turned a monster into a monster from the year 3000. They labeled this as 'future shit' and it most certainly is. I can't get enough of the drop in this one it's stupidly massive. This is a 128kbps version...you can pick up the 320 and the rest of the Invasion EP here. I highly suggest you do with names like Figure and Trumpdisco on the remix bill this is guaranteed 5 stars!

F.O.O.L - Invasion (Dumme Jungs Remix)

I can't sing enough praise when it comes to this guy. Dillon Francis is just straight up a master of his craft. His ability to make tracks in every genre so well is something to be envied by every producer out there. Here is a smooth and funky Moombahton track that he dropped a few weeks back and a cruisy mellow Dubstep track that is hot off the press, both....amazing.

Toddla T - Take It Back (Dillon Francis Remix)

Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes - Look At Me Now (Dillon Francis Remix)

Now if that was a bit mellow for you then prepare your face to be melted. Canadian Andy's iLL has re-worked the theme song from the movie 'Requiem For A Dream' and turned it into an absolute destroyer of a Dubstep track. When I first heard this I though I was having a brain aneurism, but it turned out to be the bassline...ladies and gentlemen....this is heavy fucking shit!!!!

Requiem for a Dream (Andy's iLL Dub fix) <-----------Kahblammo!

This next tune is, well, pretty rad! Jack Beats smashed it with their newest single 'All Night' and the equally successful remix by Skream. Now the duo have returned the favour and made a fantastic remix of Skreams new one. A bit of a different direction than their previous stuff but none the less ....awesome!

Skream - Where You Should Be (Jack Beats Remix)

A little while back I really wanted to post Le Castle Vania's remix of 'Is You', however Jamie beat me to it. Needless to say I was super pissed yet equally pumped because Jamie and I were unknowingly on the same hot tip. Anyway...Le Castle Vania has done it again, this time with the help of Computer Club. This was made for the impending U.S summer but I think it will do really well warming us up here down south this winter.

Dj Falcon & Thomas Bangalter - Together (Le Castle Vania & Computer Club


Skrillex - Disco Rangers <--------Super awesomeness to the max!!!! 

I'm sure by now everybody has heard of Crookers new collab project Dr. Gonzo. Their debut tracks have certainly been getting some mixed reviews. I personally can't get enough of it, just super fun, well produced songs that are guaranteed to get a dancefloor pumping...especially this one...it's plain stupid fun. Springer, boing boing boing boing...

Dr. Gonzo feat. Crookers, Wax Motif & Neoteric - Springer

And finally a super awesome remix of the ever popular Ellie Goulding's track 'Lights'. Everyone seems to be Dubstepping this song and Comic Strips certainly nailed it with his take.

Ellie Goulding - Lights (Comic Strips Remix)


Beat The Weekend part. 14

Ya'll know the drill by now. Here's a bunch of awesome tunes, download, listen and smile!

Its finally dropped... (in to the right slot) See what i did there? Hah

Ajax dropped this on the Starfuckers 'Tidal Rave' cruise the other week and nearly sank the boat.

Party beat maddness. This one is set to have the whole party jumpin'

Fire up the Bass Cannons.. again! Also we're just trying to source this awesome mixtape by Getter at the moment so hold tight.

I saw Skrillex the other night in Sydney. He was constantly announcing all this brand new unreleased stuff so hold tight, especially for the collab with Diplo. That was HUUUGE! In the meantime jump on this grenade.

Party mash up time thanks to Lobsterdust

Think im falling in love with Hey Today. This track just keeps building, even through the breakdown. Cool shit!

I think we might have to dedicate a monthly post to the Wollongong boys. Here we have Deanjay who is one half of Slippery When Wet with a mad remix!

And again from the Gong. This time its Narrator and the other half of Slippery When Wet - Ruslan with a remix of the Missy Elliot classic 'Gossip Folks'. I have to admit the first time i listened to this i had the biggest smile on my face when it dropped.

OK now for the finale. A dubstep version of 'Paranoid Android' that is on point. I have to admit i was very sceptical pushing play but this is awesome and doesn't destroy or take anything away from the original. One for repeat!