Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Some tunes?

I've been rather lacking with the posting side of things lately, and it's lucky for the blog's sake that Jamie has been posting shit left right and centre (yeah Jamie, yeah!!!). Although I have been fairly busy at the moment with school, my own tunes and stuff like that. Anyway I don't want to bore you with my life so here's a few cool tunes that have had me bouncing around my room lately!

Huge Klaxons fan, saw them play it live and it was mental, huge Designer Drugs fan and the things they can do with a song that already rules so much had me salivating.....so, you say? Why haven't you posted this earlier? Hmmm, to be honest I listened to this track once when I got it a while back and dismissed it as "yeah a good track". However I was wrong...it's far more than that, it's a great track.

Klaxons  - Echoes (Designer Drugs Remix)

This one is unreleased, however I sleuthed my way through various internet...things and acquired it. I'm very glad that I did, this in dopeness x4000. After hearing this I think it's fair to say mr. 12th Planet really influenced a lot of Skrillex's early production work. Regardless...this is fucking massive get it inside you speakers.. NOW!!!!

Skrillex ft. Penny - All I Ask Of You (12th Planet Remix)

I never really considered dutch house a genre, it's just one of those unnecessary sub-genres that, well, doesn't exist. Anyway call this what you want it's got a super dope vibe, cool atmospherics and some 8-bit esque synth that will have you smiling ear to ear.

Afrojack & R3hab - Prutataa 

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