Friday, November 26, 2010

The Soundcloud Roundup #2

So I delved deep into the world of Soundcloud again. Read below, awesomeness ensues.

First up is a tune by Sydneysider Caleb Crinis working under the guise of Narrator. Judging by the tunes on his page this guy is set for big things. A lot of funky stuff which is also very unique. This one is probably my favourite out of the bunch however there's some other gold on his page and it's well worth checking out. His track Move Yo Feet can also be found in Beat The Weekend Pt. 7.

Backyard Betty (Original Mix) - Narrator & Ruslan by Narrator

UK natives Zombie Disco Squad have a plethora of his in today's dance music scene and this one is no exception. Nice drums and just straight up funk-eh.

Zombie Disco Squad - Hobo by ZDS

If you don't already know Daft Punk have done a new track for the upcoming release of Tron Legacy. The original is pretty cool, however L.A based brothers Matt & Josh David or Breakdown have made it pretty cooler. The production level on this is insane, it's just great to listen to.

Daft Punk - Derezzed (Breakdown Remix) by Breakdown

I mentioned in a recent post the release of Bart B More and Tommie Sunshines 'Drop Acid' and the great job Figure did remixing it. Well I have to say Will Bailey has done just as good if not better with this one.


I heard this one a while ago but it's still dope. Great little number by LA Riots tuba sample and all.

LA Riots - Control Your Tuba Clip by LA Riots

Canadian producer Barletta caused a bit of a stir a while back with his amzing bootlegs of mainstream pop songs. He's made a foray into Dubstep with this one and has definitely succeded.

Barletta - Falling up by Djbarletta

That's all folks....until next time!

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