Saturday, April 02, 2011

I'm Back

Fuck!! Nearly 2 months without internet....I was close to "headin' out califoni way" to get me some internet. But being sans internet is a thing of the past, I would like to thank the other contributors for keeping things going whilst I was out of action, the tunes have been pumping and I've been salivating at the thought of downloading them all. So being that I was out of action for so long The next few weeks are going to be jam packed full of awesomeness. But to start I though I'd post a bit of ear candy seeing as it's been a while.

First up I have to post this because it's downright amazing. Everybody's favourite emo Skrillex did a masterful job turning this track into a screaming Dubstep mind melter. However Congorock have straight up made it one more awesome on the scale of awesomeness. This thing is fucking huge so get the fuck on it...NOW!!!!

Benny Benassi feat. Gary Go - Cinema (Congorock Remix)

Speaking of Skrillex just for a little change I figured I'd share this with you all. Being signed to mau5trap really shines through with this one. It's very Ibiza progressive, complete with female vocals, lovey-dovey synth melodies and major chord stabs. It does definitely show Sonny's versatility as a producer especially after listening to his Sick Bubblegum remix just before it.

All I Ask Of You - Skrillex feat. Penny

Jack Beats have always been a favourite of mine and it seems since gaining notoriety they've been focusing on big well made productions and leaving large intervals between releases. Their latest 'All Night' is no exception to this rule. A fantastic tune and on a side note this is a double A side the other being 'Elevator Music' which is different yet still full of Jack Beats awesomeness.

All Night  - Jack Beats feat. John B

Now what Jack Beats release would be complete without a huge remix from a fellow brit. This time Dubstep messiah Skream takes this tune and 'Dubsteps' the absolute crap out of it.

All Night - Jack Beats (Skream Remix)

Big news of late, Justice have release some new material. Civilization is pretty big. The vocals are fairly awe-inspiring and coupled with that massive signature Justice sound this track is a winner. It also features on the new Adidas ad which I highly suggest you watch.

Justice - Civilization

Onto another artist I haven't heard much of in a while, MSTRKRFT have had a few tracks floating round the blogs recently, their first material since Fist Of God I'm pretty sure so it's been a while. Have a listen.


Diplo seems to remix everyone and anyone and he's always experimenting with genres which I love because you seriously never know what he's going to come out with next. Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker has been doing some 'solo' stuff lately and I saw that knowing full well he would have an entire production team dedicated to his music, I just can't really see him making it all himself. Anyway Diplo has turned his track 'Can A Drummer Get Some' into a Drumstep-ish tune that's all round bangin'.

Travis Barker feat The Game, Rick Ross & Lil Wayne - Can A Dummer Get Some (Diplo Remix)

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