Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Beat The Weekend part. 12

Well it seems to be that time of year when all the artists ramp up their production and start pumping tracks out left, right and center. I highly recommend you do your ears a favour and grab all these!

Another epic remix from Bart B More, although i find it a bit strange that he used the same sample (in the build) as he did with his mix of 'Lets Go' but this will be one of the biggest tracks of the year. Mark my words.

Im not 100% sold on the vocal at the start but this track goes off anyway

LA Riots take this one in a new direction with plenty of changes. A new direction for the future maybe?

The Italians impress with this dubstep banger!

I love the fact that Oizo is back in the studio. Every track of his makes me smile.

Love & Light hit the nail on the head! Everyone needs to listen to this!

As if the original wasnt good enough anyway... Le Castle Vania takes it to the next level! You find yourself playing it to the death over and over again. Absoultly love this one!

Ive been meaning to post this one for ages. Such a bangin tune. Play it loud!

Ahhh i simply love this remix. Subvert is the king of taking classic tunes and giving them a dubstep overhaul.

You know those tracks you DL and dont give them a proper listen and end up forgetting bout them altogether. Well fuck I blew it big time! After hearing some of my mates play this out a few weeks ago I've been totally obsessed, like listen to it everyday..

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