Wednesday, February 09, 2011


So stoked to be introducing you to Smidgem writer and founder Thrusher (aka Lucas Wilkinson) He has been sending me at least two new tracks/remixes every week now for the last few months. My response every time is basically the same 'mate that is really fucking good hey, I cant wait to play this out.'

Thrusher has been playing around with all genres from house to electro and most recently dubstep. His latest remix he compiles all these in to one massive party tune which could easily be mistaken for a Skrillex remix. BOOOOM!
The build and angry bassline will have you singing 'keep it coming' in no time. Thrusher only really started producing no more than a year ago and to have this original under his belt, wow. Imagine the beats that will be coming in the not to distant future.
Keep It Coming by Thrusher

Here's is his first shot at dubstep. Its a super fun and easily listening sample he used here that soon grows in to a squelchy electronic monster. Very addictive!
Kiss The Sky by Thrusher

Yeah so be sure to head on over to his soundcloud page to keep up to date with all the latest and greatest and I'm sure he would love to hear some feeback.

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