Friday, February 18, 2011


Belzebass are two stupid producers who like/love to play heavy shit! Influences : indie electro - weed - electrotrash - heavy wobbling bass - deathcore - dislessia - distorted bass - vagina - sidechain massacre. Thier remix that just got put on thier soundcloud yesterday of DJ Antention's 'Ivan' is in a league of its own. With distorted bass, dubstep and eclectic synth stabs. Due to be released on TUFFEM UP! Records this is definitly one that I'll be counting down the days till i can get my grubby little hands on it. The duo will be hitting Australian shores on the 4th March for a 2 week tour. Check thier myspace for all the dates..

Dj Antention - Ivan (Belzebass Remix) by TUFFEM UP! Records

Here is more gold from the boys. Most of this stuff is available at Beatport too so be sure to check it out and purchase it!!

Loser - Belzebass goes Dub by Belzebass

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