Sunday, February 06, 2011

Nero, La Sape, Skrillex, Diplo Does Sleigh Bells and More!

I seriously think that 2011 is going to be a huge year for electronic music, it seriously feels like I can't click twice without downloading a song that I absolutely love. So today I have a few songs that I've been feelin' lately...some new and some not so much, none the less gold quality is ensured.

Nero, wow what can I say. I first heard these tracks on their essential mix which I seriously think is up there with the best of all time...yep that's right I'm calling it, right now...BAM! There's something about the tracks this duo makes, they just seem to be so real, full and rich, just really well done I guess. In any case these are my two favourite Nero tunes at the moment and once you download them they are sure to be yours too.

I got this one in the inbox today and she's a doozy. Phoenix, Arizona based production duo La Sape re-worked Light Year's smash hit 5 Girls and let me tell you this thing rocks. A thumping kick and a bassline that will make you crap yourself, what more can you ask for?

I was lucky enough to see Sleigh Bells on their recent Australian tour. They seem to be the 'it' sound right now and I must say I'm certainly liking 'it'. Legend of all thing dance Diplo remixes one of their better songs Tell Em and is fucking fantastic. On a weird note I can hear the sample from the Dooze Jackers & Wes De Graaf song Euh! in the background of the build up not sure if it's the same sample or an actual sample of their song...regardless great song.

Honestly Skrillex just can't do wrong. Everything this guy puts out I fuckin' love and this one is no exception. This one uses a vocal sample throughout that I assume is from one of his earlier works back when he was a fairly prolific singer. Really dig the high end main line in this song super fun stuff for sure.

So Kanye dropped his new album, I'm not going to lie I'm a Kanye fan and most definitely a fan of his new album. Now that's all well and good....then Smidgem favourite and bassline master Figure went and did this. I honestly have had this on repeat for the last 2 hours... it's just so feel good yet so bass-y...ahhh...this is an absolute MUST HAVE just plain huge.

I took the liberty of naming this one... 


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