Thursday, June 09, 2011

Killing In The Name Of

17 year old Dubstep producer Davr from Umeå, Sweden is known for blasting out hard hitting aggressive Dubstep tunes. With several releases out on labels like Play Me Too, Filthy Digital, Tuff Love Dubs & Dub Cartel, Davr is a producer to watch out for.
After he had heard the dark heavy sounds of dubstep in late 2008 he decided to try and make it himself and has since then made his mark on the dubstep scene. His tunes are currently getting support from well known artists and djs like Ajapai, Mark Instinct, Subvert, Total Recall, Hulk, Sinister Souls, Dodger, Reid Speed and many others.

This remix is proper good!!!

Fuck yeah... Funky dubstep

Davr - Slam Funk by Davr

Davr & Getter - Belch (Clip) by Davr

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