Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back On Board

Lack of internet = Lack of posts.

Enough of the bullshit. All these tracks come with the highest recommendation.

A couple of weeks ago ZZT released the official remixes of the epic Zafrika. Its packed with ten remixes that cover a wide variety of styles .The duties are carried out by Clouds,Afrojack, Plein Soleil, Julio Bashmore and Marseille just to name a few. With a catalog of artists like that on board for the release ,it comes with pride that I say the best of the pack comes from Aussies Light Year and The Finger Prince (Gus Da Hoodrat). Light Year are killing it at the moment.

ZZT - Zzafrica (Light Year & Finger Prince Remix)

It the eyes of many it seems that the man they call Diplo has simply outgrown the dance music industry.Juggling his Major Lazor project all while producing for music heavyweights the likes of Snoop Dogg, Kid Cudi and now Young Jeezy (AYE!), people have been quick to write the man off recently .When his name does pop up though, you generally know the music is going to be of very high quality. Something fresh from Diplo as he teams up with talented Frenchman Douster.

Diplo & Douster -ON!

ALERT ALERT ALERT!!!!!!! This is quite possibly my favourite track at the moment. LA natives DSKOTEK gave this one away for free the other week. I never got into Megaman as a kid, but god dammit I'm in to this track. An original concept executed to perfection.

DSKOTEK- Megaman (Highly advised.)

It wouldn't be a post by myself if I didn't post some deeper stuff.So that I will.

Popof, saying his name around a bunch of kids would probably make them giggle between each other. But throw one of his tracks on and the kids will more than likely run away. I wish I could play his music whenever a spoilt whinging kid was around. From his Wax Machine EP released late last year,something you do with your plate after eating dinner.

Popof - Wash It

It seems I cant do a post without throwing up something from the Dirtybird fam. Blaze one up, have a few beers and listen . You really have to listen to this from START TO FINISH as the narrative is of a dude on a mushroom trip. Justin Martins touches really enhance the story and almost make you feel like its you that's tripping balls.A few years old ,but sounds as good as when it came out.

Marshall Jefferson & Noosa Heads -Mushrooms (Justin Martin Remix)

Another one from Dirtybird here, and an unlikely candidate to make a release on the label.
With releases like this coming out the blender, its no wonder Dirtybird stay ahead of the game. This played on a good system will have you thinking someone brought a beehive to the club. Its only a couple of dollars so go buy it in 320 at Beatport.

Sebastien Leger -Bees (Highly Advised)

Sadly in April this year ,Gerard Smith bassist of the iconic TV On The Radio passed away. So when I saw that Crystal Vision had done a remix of arguably their best song Staring At The Sun, I really hoped they didn't ruin it. And to my pleasant surprise, they didn't.

They managed to keep the raw emotion of the original in tact all while adding a dramatically heavy bassline. If you hadn't heard of this band, you should definitely check them out.Dubstep fans will love this.

Tv On The Radio -Staring At The Sun ( Crystal Vision Bootleg Bass Remix)
Highly Advised

And I will finish up today on a lighter note.

BeatElectric, in my opinion the best blog when it comes to old school disco jams. They posted this ol school flava a small time ago along with a dub version of the original . Below is a link of the dub version and the video clip .Fucking Hilarious!

Music isn't meant to be serious all the time people!

Break Machine -Break Dance Party ( Dub Version)

Bonus..........Boy 8 Bit- May 2011 Mix. (Tracks in comments)

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  1. Joanna Knutson - Heavy Baby (James Creed)
    Les Gillettes - Carl Lewis (MVSEVM Remix)
    DJ Simi - Dagobah (Rodriguez Jnr Remix)
    Trentemoller - Shades Of Marble (Kink Remix)
    Julio Bashmore - Umbongo's Revenge
    Boy 8-Bit - Fire Extinguisher
    Noob - Wild
    Style of Eye - Sexx
    Jaegerverb - Candy Apple
    Rodriguez Jnr + Alex Kidd - Jeri Call
    mKaiser DIsco - Jaana
    Julian Jewiel - Polaroid (Sebastien Leger REmix)
    Dapayk Solo - Lichtpille
    Boy 8-Bit - Black Satanic Mysticism
    Boy 8-Bit - House on hill
    Boy 8-Bit - Madrigal
    Fis- T - Night Hunter
    Platinum - Signals (Champion Remix )
    Wiley - Numbers in Action (Toddska Remix)
    Mr Tickle - Predator ( Kicks and Snares)
    Roy Apron - Streatham Club 01A
    Yes Wizard - Elephant and Castle - (Duke Dumont Remix)
    Johannes Heil - The Ace
    Roland M. Dill - Toris Moon
    Boy 8-Bit - Phase IV
    Rocco Caine - Batch
    Mike Denhert - Frame Work
    Tommy Four Seven - Armed 3
    Sawf - Keel
    Pfirter - Mi Estudio
    Boy 8-Bit - No Time (Demo)