Sunday, June 19, 2011

Do it Like Timmy


Here's some new stuff for Y'all;

This is a live mix I just finished for The Warehouse on Fresh FM (Adelaide).
Elmo is Dead - Live Mix Recording from Warehouse - Fresh FM 92.7 (Adelaide) by DJElmoisDead
Thanks to UberJakd & Rubberteeth for gettin me on their show!

& here's a fesh one from the Mix;
A-Trak feat. CyHi Da Prynce - Ray Ban Vision (Elmo is Dead Vs Luckybeard Remix) by DJElmoisDead
Ghetto bmore styled Bootleg, breaking down to 80bpm hip hop in the middle.
It's a re-work of the Luckybeard (One half of Crookers) Remix.
Could only find it on the net @ 160kbp, so iv'e done a complete re-kit + added the old Pon De Floor Snare (which gets a solid reaction, thanks to the recent beyonce re-make...)

My GF's a massive Danny T frother.
She showed me this one a while back. Finally had a chance to get it in a mix.
Really cool, dark, 808 tech house. They've worked the bass so A in the one;
Chris James & Danny T-Return To Klezmer by DannyT

The closer is something a little different for me, Real Indie/Nu Rave styled track from Goose.
Amazing arpeggiated chord progressions & the susstained vocals just send chills up your spine.
There's mumbai science mix the blogs got all other, but I really just like the original
Been out for a couple months now, but it's a super track, def give it a listen;

And here's a straight to the point Edit
Goose - Synrise (Elmo is Dead)

Apparently this still isn't avaliable on the net?! So here's another Smidgem exclusive;
Peking Duck - Style (What So Not Remix)

Trumpet Blower Out..

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