Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Yard Birds

So my screen just fell off my computer.......it sucks....really bad. However my life became slightly less crap when I discovered that my second favourite red head (my first being Thom Yorke of Radiohead) just realeased his newest EP. Boy 8-Bit has nailed it again with 'Yard Birds'. Coming of the back of 'Baltic Pine' which I thoroughly enjoyed "Yard Birds" is a chip off the ol' red block. Pure awesomeness in the build up, like, this shit has the sound of a plane flying overhead which makes sense because the bassline is a bomb, perfect amount of distortion, comma,. The flip 'From The Depths' is a little more Tech House-y which I don't usually like, however this one is pretty dark and I think would warm up or cool down the night 'LIKE A BAWZ'.

This is just a Soundcould preview you can pick up the EP at Beatport.

Boy 8-Bit - Yard Birds (Turbo 086) by boy8bit

Although what kinda of blogger would I be if I didn't offer you some free shit. Well here's a few to tide you over.

This one is a bit of a journey. Mixing up a few different sounds and keepin' it chugging along, again probably a party starter/ender or good to just 'space' by yourself.

Boy 8-Bit - Restricted 18 (Part1)

This one is up there with my favourite remixes, a rich labyrinth of sound I think this one was overshadowed by the fact Jack Beats remixed the same release (being 'so hot' at the time). The drums are perfectly layered and the strings section with the blissful Florence vocals, simply put AMAZING.

Florence + The Machine - Drumming Song (Boy 8-Bit Remix)

I'm just waiting for him to remix The Black Dahlia Murder, he wears their band shirt almost everywhere he plays so it could happen. A collab perhaps Mr Bit? (If you are unfamiliar with TBDM click here)

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