Saturday, September 18, 2010

Beat The Weekend.. part 2

As promised here is part two of the weekly series..

The rave anthem of the deacade gets a rework by The Only. They keep this edit nice and simple

When i think Will Bailey i usually think dutch house. However with this track he has definitly changed my perception of him with the long build up that seems to keep stepping up throughout the whole track. Kinda reminds me of Bart B More's 'Brap'
Will Bailey - Grind (Original Mix)

Ive been meaning to post these two tracks for weeks now. They're easily among of my favourite tracks to play in a set. High energy electro at its best!

The best track ive heard form Herve in a long time. Mad piano stabs, awesome vocals and the ghetto bassline that he does so well.
Herve - Together

And of course you cant beat the weekend without some dirty dubstep. This will mos def blow your speakers!
Excision & Datsik vs Don Diablo - Blow the Calypso

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