Thursday, September 09, 2010

Dem Slackers

Dada Life- "Swagger Clouds Remix is the one for us! Sounds like chopped pork with loads of hot sauce! Great!"
Teen wolf- "i was becoming sober... until i got these tracks.... now you got me drunk again."
Urchins- "the whole thing is huge! Both originals are massive in their own right, and then the Bart B More and Clouds remixes take them into some next level shiiiiit. Peak time necessities for us in the next few months! Will support in a big way"

OK so I'm not too sure i need to say much more... This EP is absoulutley HUUUGE!!!
Ever since I heard the Dem Slackers remix of Fifty What I've been hanging for his next release.
Bmkltsch are releasing this beast on the 20th September. So for now good luck trying to pick your favourite remix... For me its either the Bart B More or Clouds mix. iseriously cant decide.

Let's Go EP by Dem Slackers

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