Thursday, August 11, 2011

TAI's Autumn Mix

Where do you head musically, once you have produced the top notch street rappers and nu disco bands in your home country of Germany earning them a string of top 10 hits and multi gold status albums? You turn your skills to the upfront club sounds of House and electro and ace the dance charts with a string of jaw-droppingly original cuts... Well you would if you are TAI (aka award winning producer Tai Jason), and he’s currently on fiiiyaaa. After a childhood spent living around the world, from the UK to Thailand, as a teenager, TAI found his heart lay deep inside an MPC drum machine, and spent years collecting his legendary hip-hop beats and programming those effortless grooves. He has turned his production expertise to the club-floor producing cuts, from his stunning studio in Germany. In 2009, TAI released his first single Lyposuct (Boyz Noize Rec.) with his good mate D.I.M, which has seriously turned heads all over the globe.

This latest mixtape is blowing minds in most places throughout the planet but has seem to taken full effect in London and is believed to be the reason behind these latest full scale riots...

Tai - Autumn Mix direct download link


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