Monday, August 01, 2011

Mr. Skeleton

Mr. Skeleton is about to take the world by storm! Everything track he makes is so unique, no one else even sounds close. The first thing that you notice is the wide range of samples that he has pulled from movies or t.v shows. Then mix that with some of the punchiest bass lines going round and to top it all off he has the most insane breakdowns I've ever heard.

Being the legend that he is Mr. Skeleton is putting 14 tracks up for free download. They will be available for 4-5 days. So i suggest you get straight on to it! Everyone here at Smidgem has been losing it to this download pack!! Be sure to check his soundcloud out here to stay up to date with his latest and greatest.

Here is a little sample of what to expect

3 Remixes + 1 Original ***FREE track in the description*** by Mr.Skeleton

Check this video out to. I'm pretty sure I have watched this at least 20-30 times already. He absolutely tears this mixer to shreds

1 comment:

  1. wow he is turning that mixer inside out good to see real dj skill is still alive and kicking not syncing !!! what mixer is that it looks like pioneer but what model ???