Friday, August 19, 2011

Beat The Weekend part. 18

Yeah yeah I know its been a long time since i did one of these posts so lets just get straight in to it. All but one of these tracks are dubstep, didnt plan on it happening that way. These are just the tracks that i feel will get you through the weekend..

Jan Driver has been making moves for quite some time now. Being on Boys Noize Records its very easy to see where he gets his inspiration

Yeah you have to love it when an absolute classic gets the dubstep rework. I think the boys might have made this one a bit too aggresive but either way it will get a huge response on the dancefloor.

Anything that comes out of the Bassnecter camp is pure genius so this was no suprise. He teamed up with another guy that I have been following for a while too, Ill Gates. He has got some super cool tracks out there, its definitly worth digging a litle deeper on him.

So 'Paper Planes' is defntitly one of the most sampled/remixed songs going round but that doesnt take anything away from the producers that use it. Its just so damn cool! This is an awesome take on it and carries on that cool vibe.

Both Caspa and Emalkay are considered dubstep roalty so it was only a matter of time before a track like this was created. The guitar riff in this reminds me of a Metallica song.. anyone else hear that?

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