Friday, January 07, 2011

Don't Call Me Baby

I bumped into the Smidgem boys @ Field Day (SYD) on the weekend and they were like; "Man.. when you gonna do another post??"
Being the NY and all, with it's resolutions & associated 'do-everything-better-this-year' attitude, I decided to make a commitment to write at least one post per month.

Sooo.. January;

In the past year (since getting around to obtaining a Debit Card), I've become a pretty big follower of Beatport & thus, deep/Tech House & other house genres.

A couple things I've noticed about the top 100; Pryda, Deadmau5 & the Swedish house boys (both as separate entities and their mafia trio), are pretty much in there 24/7.
You also get a lot of those re-makes, of re-makes, of re-makes.

A resent one that I've been digging is "My Lips" by Crazibiza which is an appropriation of Pino D'Angio's - "Ma Quale Idea".
This was More famously sampled back in '99 by Pop/Dance sensation Madison Avenue on her track "Don't Call Me Baby"

My Lips is a great house tune, really punchy high end kick, leaving room for the filtered bassline down in the lows, great shuffle groove, nice crisp hat's and the typical African American sounding woman with an powerful voice, belting out some vocal loops for the build up.

If drawn out loop house is your thing, you'll probably really enjoy this track
Others may like it for the fact the hook line is familiar and catchy, but be put off by the distinct less amount of movement in the melody & lack off Madison Avenue vocals

So I have a couple of things for you;

Pino D'Angio - Ma Quale Idea
The original, original. For anyone interested in taking a listen

Madison Avenue - Don't Call Me Baby (Extended Mix)
Classic 90's dance music, love this tune

Crazibiza - My Lips (Original)
The modernised house bomb

Crazibiza Vs Madison Avenue - My Lips (Elmo is Dead 'Don't Call me baby' Edit)
A little mix of both


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