Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Asian Girls Luv It

You may know of these two already, if not you do now. Asiangirlsluvit a one girl, one boy wrecking machine. Now from what I' ve herd these two are only getting started from mashups, Electro, Dubstep & what I think is the new black DRUMSTEP. Online electronic music community GenXGlow gives us a rundown on Drumstep.

Many of us that pay attention to post-modern sub-genres in today’s electronic music culture would have some difficulty putting this fresh and unfamiliar term into perspective. The answer is simple; Half-step Drum and Bass. Tunes still weigh in at 170 to 180 BPM and possess that intoxicating wompy drum pattern with the snare hitting at the 3rd beat of every bar instead of the doctrinal 2nd or 3rd. The low end bass structure is slowed down to half, giving it a Dubstep feel.

Here is an 11min mix from the sexy duo take a listen and definitely download it it's massive also show some love by visiting there Soundcloud for many more tunes..
The Drumstep Mini Mix (Download Link In Description Bar) by AsianGirlsLuvIt

The Drumstep Mini Mix - Asian Girls Luv It Download Link

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