Tuesday, January 05, 2010

How house should be..

Happy 2010 Smidgemers, hope your respective festivities were bouncing and the supply of intoxicants ample.

I've been over that 'big' house sound for a while now, that mainroom shit they play in Sydney's more 'trendy' places with seemingly endless repetitive basslines, rolling kicks and female vocal hooks drives me insane.  You could hit a baby with a cat in a studio and produce better music. Now onto my point, I was scrolling through my music the other day and came across the Kris Menace remix of Shooting Stars by 'classically trained, turned ruler of all things dance' Sydney duo Bag Raiders. Now this is what house is! So deep and rich with so many layers that makes this song just a blessing on the ears. This song went from a play count of 3 to about 53 in a matter of days.. absolutely loving it..and now it's yours!

Bag Raiders - Shooting Stars (Kris Menace Remix) [ Removed by request ]

Here's a 2008 release that Mr Menace did with Spooky. This tune is -is--is well... just great.

Spooky And Kris Menace - Stereophonic (Original Mix) [ Removed by request ]

Bonus Bonus
This clip is really cool.

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