Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Musical Insanity

Since I lagged so much on my 2nd post, I made sure to share some absolute fire with y'all. This first one is easily one of the best jams I've heard this year - dark & driving yet still sexy & edgy. I lose my shit at 1:54. I'd never heard of Claudia either, but I hope we can expect more magic like this.

Next up, one of the catchiest tunes I've enjoyed in a long while. Nu-disco with some funk to it, and the vocal is HOT! The boys from Route 94 and Secondcity were nice enough to make it a free download. TRY not getting this one stuck in your head.

Time for some gangsta shit. The title says it all! Tapesh has been on fire lately releasing on labels like Noir Music, OFF, Suara, and new material (like this heater) out on Electronique later this summer. Add this track to his long list of dancefloor bangers.

I didn't know what to expect when Blond:ish announced a release on Kompakt, but it sure as hell wasn't this. A heavy, atmospheric deep techno track in which the girls continue to show the vast range of styles they can throw down. Can't wait to hear them play this one late-night on the playa at Burning Man in a few weeks!

Last but not least, an absolute gem which I still consider a favorite after 2+ years. Deep banger with a haunting vocal and insane bassline. Can't really go wrong with Diynamic!

Use these jams wisely! Or don't and do what I'm doing, just hit play and fucking party. Peace out.

- AP

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