Friday, July 12, 2013

[Insert Dope Jams Here]

Hey everyone,

Alex P here, Smidgem's newest curator and contributor. Born & raised in Los Angeles and having also lived in El Salvador where I first experienced electronic music, I immersed myself in the scene during college in LA, then began DJing ~4 yrs ago, and the rest is history. Not sure where I'd be without this passion for the underground but I'd have it no other way. Fin knows I don't rest when it comes to hunting down the kind of quality track that makes the entire body shiver, be it a techy peak-time slammer, a sexy Chicago house joint, a groovy melodic masterpiece à la Lee Burridge (all-time favorite DJ), or a deep & dark journey.

As I'm sure you guessed, I focus mainly on house, techno, (some) disco + derivatives like tech house, "nu-deep" (preferred term for the new wave of deep house), jackin' house, melodica, deep tech...the list perpetually grows. My roots are undoubtedly to thank for my love of all things Latin (bongos, Spanish vocals, maracas, etc.) but I always explore an array of other styles on any given day as well to expand my horizons and stay current.

In all honesty, I admit I can be a "music snob." Having *said* that (Curb Your Enthusiasm, anyone?), I constantly feel a strong urge to share discoveries with friends and like-minded groovers - it's impossible to DJ and not feel this need (like it's impossible for a house-/techno-head to not be at least a tad elitist). I'm VERY much looking forward to spreading the love to more people through the site - snobby but never stingy! Thanks for makin' it happen Fin!

Now I'd just like to add examples of some of the styles you can expect from me. I hope everyone enjoys the selection, much love!


House Madness!

And finally, my favorite set so far this year. Alex is one of my current favorites, keep an eye out for this guy - he's a beast! Seamlessly weaves through different styles and vibes like he's a seasoned veteran.

Enjoy! I'd love to hear some feedback, feel free to leave any comments you may have.
- AP

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