Friday, November 02, 2012

Last Magpie -1995

This latest EP from Last Magpie somehow stayed out of my radar until today. With his first EP No More Stories making quite a large splash, he successfully backed up the hype on the follow up (Who knows) Where Love Goes ,while this release did drift a little towards more of a house sound instead of the straight up garage sounds of the debut, the quality remained sky high, and even landed him a spot in the much much respected RA monthly charts.

With this EP ,it seems the Magpie has flown into another tree and experimented a little more on the bass side of things.And going from the teaser below its a step in the right direction again. Cant wait to cop this.

Here are the teasers from his previous releases also, they only cost a few bucks so if your like what your hearing skip your coffee in the morning and put the $3.50 towards keeping this guy putting out amazing music.

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