Saturday, November 17, 2012

Melbourne Massive

Im pointing my finger at Melbourne to be the party mecca of Aus rite now. Seriously so much gold tunage coming out with everything Techno, Tech house, Jakin house and all things booty bounce. The amount of local talent is coming at you quicker than a shark on a skateboard (Picture that). Here are a few dj/producers that are really ripping the scene apart.

Wellsaid & Rubberteeth. These blokes kill it on there own but when they team up beat babies are born. CORRECTION - These 2 guys are actually from Adelaide

Parachute youth-cant get better than this (WellSaid 'get shakey' edit)  

Metric -Monster Hospital (Rubberteeth & WellSaid Remix)


Digga Please or as his friends may know him Jesse Diggins. From Mixtapes, Bootys, and a shitload of remixes if your not on the wagon your fucking kidding yourself. So do yourself a favour and jump on..


This is his second installment to the long list of CrackHaus mixtapes. If this doesnt get a party started i don't think anything will..




Goes by the name Peggy-Sue! I Dont no much about this young 20yr old hes from Rural Vic. Like prawns in the sun his beats go off.


Another of the Crackhaus mixtapes. This time Peggy-Sue takes the reigns. This mix features a heap of the local talent..


We featured a guy a few weeks back named Torren Foot (Boss) who made a banging mixtape with this guy. His name is is Nick Kennedy 


Droplex v. Savage (Nick Kennedy Mash) Download link


Up next is Heavy Hitter 'HEY SAM' Aka Sammy Heywood. Owner and Co founder of Jump To This Records.



His most recent mixtape recorded live at Revolver.



Chris Comito and Bowen Luc. With their powers combined they for a duo named COMBO! Now this is a name to remember and definitely not forget. Think Electro vs Tech House.



Im a massive fan of Die Antwood (mmm Yo-Landi). When i saw this track had a remix duty by a guy named Dom Dolla, a guy i had never herd of before i was like ahhh yeah ill give it a listen. And im glad i did. Dom Dolla is a melbourne based Dj/Producer and has some really cool tunes check him out.



Swit. If you haven't herd of him before well now you have. Born in NZ now ripping clubs apart in Melbs. Show this guy some love or you may just end up in a hungy hole..

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