Monday, September 12, 2011

Mixtape Mania

Here are 3 insane yet very different mixtapes. One from each of my favourite genres..

DUBSTEP - Knife Party are the future of this genre at the moment purely because they are pushing it to the next level and beyond.

ELECTRO - Clouds has been making huge waves ever since Tiga dragged him out of his previous job at a fast food restaurant. He has a very unique sound that only a few producers seem to be in to at the moment such as Ado and Modek.

PARTY BEATS - Aussie legend Nick Thayer is leading the charge for these super cool party style jams. No matter what style of music you're in to, it is impossible not to have a smile ear to ear on the dancefloor with these beats blasting out of the speakers.

Mega Bonus - Soon to be superstar, Thrusher recently whipped this mix up for the radio show 'Mix For Next Generation Dj's' on Novanation. As you would expect he used all of the above genres and melted them together and added a healthy dose of moombahton for good measure. Flawless victory!!

1 comment:

  1. Anyone know where the tracklist for the Clouds mix is? Some banging tracks in there. In particular looking for the track that drops at about 14:25, guy in a deep voice says 'Black... Asteroid...'