Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Back To The Lab Again

Appoligise For my extended absence...

The last couple months have had me deal with a law suit from sesame street, a change of Dj name, the strenuous task of completing an EP to a deadline, all the while trying to live my double life as a Djing accountant.

Among all the chaos a lot of good things have come. First & foremost, stumbling on some quality tracks

DL Here:
Wat? The Funk!, Laney - Smurf Be Runnin

I can't get my head around how awesome this track is. It's big, it's tight, it's clean, it's dirty, it makes me laugh & it gets me in to mood for good times.
Super airy chords, sustained female vocal hits & tight kick & snare set the mood of the into. Muching in at 28 seconds, is a wacked out delayed synth line, consisting of a messy hoover top layer & clean sine low end.
My fav parts is at 1:49. Tight kick & snare, vocal stabs & an epic clean sub baseline.

Al B Sure 'Night+Day' (AC's moombahsoul mixdown) [ Heartbreak presents Moombahsoul Vol 3 ] by AtlanticConnection

DL Here: Al B Sure - Night & Day (AC's Moombahsoul Mixdown)

Found this on the new moombah soul comp. Was by far my favorite of the bunch.
Great melody & very well produced.

Trading in his dirty birds for squealing monkeys, Claude has come up with a awesome kick, sub & flaw tom groove in chimps. I wasn't the biggest fan of the grungy synth the comes in until I saw this video ;)

Here's a little edit if your just down for the groove.
DL Here: Claude VonStroke - Chimps (Emoh Instead 'No Synth' Edit)

7. Golden Super by Jan Driver

DL Here; Jan Driver - Golden Super (Original Mix)

Fresh from his new album & soon to visit our shores, Jan Drive has been making some amazing tunes. From his epic 'Gain Reaction' (check Dillon Francis' opener @ this years Mad Decent Block Party) to the bigroom funky sounds of golden super.

Rusko - Cockney Thug (Chong Remix)
There's a heap of these 'dub/moombah edits' going round, but Chong's is solid. keeping all the intensity & bass of the original with a moombah groove.

Peace Out


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