Monday, July 18, 2011

Smidgem Guestmix # 3 mixed by Narrator

Any of the above names would be acceptable when describing Caleb Crinis but he likes to go under the guise of Narrator. If you have been following Smidgem for a while then no doubt you have also been following the progression of Narrator as he has been featured over and over in these pages. So it was kind of a no brainer to ask him to step up to the plate for our third guestmix.
He compiled the tracklist mostly with his own bootlegs and borrowed a couple of his good mate Ruslan for good measure. Right out of the gates this mix is fucking banging!! Filled with high energy electro with some insane breakdowns that will instantly put the cheesiest grin on your face. This has been getting some serious play around the Smidgem office already and I'm very hounered to be able to share this with the world. Be sure to show our boy some love on his soundcloud and follow him to stay up to date with all his latest and greatest.

*Rinse Out, The Whistle Song, Mumps (Narrator Bootleg)
*Beat Gon Boom & Lose Control (Narrator Bootleg)
*Lip Gloss - Lil Mama (Narrator & Ruslan Remix) [narrators no breakdown edit]
*Everybody Shakes it in Zzafrica (Ruslan Bootleg)
*This is Sick, Dont Stop (Narrator Bootleg)
*Awesomeness (Original Mix) - Narrator
*Take Over Control, Behold (Narrator Bootleg)
*My Neck My Bounce (Narrator Bootleg)
*Boys Will Be Boys, If You Seek Amy (Narrator Bootleg)
*Awooga, Chase The Sun, Cool (Narrator Bootleg)
*Music Sounds Better With Traction (Narrator Bootleg)
*Get Some (Original Mix) - Narrator & Ruslan
*Switch, Transient (Narrator Bootleg)
*Drop It Low (Original Mix) Narrator & Ruslan

Being the nice guy that he is Caleb is giving out all of these bootlegs in a zip file that you can grab right here. What a legend!!

This is his latest single that has been murdering the dance floor all across the country. There are a whole bunch of remixes on the way soon so sit tight!

Awesomeness (Original Mix) - Narrator by Narrator


  1. why cant i download the bootlegs?? any tricks

  2. just click on the link aand it will take you to the download page..( instead of right click.. download linked file)
    hope that helps ;)

  3. just reloads the same page. this is so depressing

  4. i just tried it again then and it worked fine... maybe try and DL it of someone else computer. I really hope this does the trick!
    cause you definitly need to have this pack haha

  5. GETT
    Cake time
    Traffic limit reached

    The traffic limit has been reached and you will not be able to download.

    This is to avoid having being used as a free storage facility. If you wish to have the limit lifted then contact us.

    - The team

    No good!

  6. the links should all be fixed now
    sorry bout that!