Friday, July 22, 2011

Chill Step & Moombahton

Definitely not dry July! I have never seen more rain in my life than what we've had in the last week.
But the snow is good & the surf consistent so no frowns to be found here

Today I'd like to share with you some gem's of mine.
I've been sitting on these tracks for a number of months & see that no one from the Smidgem family has yet given them a mention

I'm pretty noob on these dubstep sub genres, I guess you'd call this chillstep?

First is one from the amazing 'Gold Panda', with 'Star Slinger' on the Remix
The original is a beautiful piece, comprising of glitchy looped pads, counter melodies & a wicked Shamisen sample.
I guess you'd class it as some form of electronica/deep house hybrid

Star Slinger ramps up the bpm, adds a tight 909 kit & big hoover synth
It's just nice to hear 'dub' with melody & a focus on musicality rather than gurn inducing noises

DL HERE Gold Panda - Marriage (Star Slinger Remix)

Next up we have 'Choose Me' by 'Xilent' (Which apparently is pronounced "Excillent"?)
It's huge atm, I've been seeing it pop up everywhere.

This one is also very melodic & euphoric (almost trancey? But not lame trancey, more 'Blitz - Digitalism' trancey)
A little tuffer than the star Slinger track, they perfectly sneak in a couple of LFO wobbs, giving it a lot of punch & energy, without over doing it

DL HERE Xilent - Choose Me II (Dubstep Mix)

Finally, the epicly chilled 'Phonat' mix of 'Skrillex's' - 'Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites'
Far separated from the original, Phonat has chopped/transposed Sony's vocal, layered glittery chimes & pads & ended up with a masterpiece of electronica. Nice use of a heavy sidechain on the sustained elements also gives the track a lot of bounce

DL HERE Skrillex - Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (Phonat Remix)

Just to keep the frothers happy here something BIG, LOUD & HEAVY
A F.O.B. Moombahcore original from our pals 'What So Not' ;)

Get Busy Y'all (Moombahcore Original Mix) by What So? Not

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