Friday, March 25, 2011

Local Love part. 2

We really need to start featuring the 'local love' post a lot more here on Smidgem. Considering the amount of up and coming talent that is coming through the ranks in Australia is so impressive!

First up we have Canberra based Dj/Producer Offtapia. He would have to be one of the most impressive Djs to watch live, he reads the crowd so well every set is better than the last. Big things to come so stay tuned for plenty more from this guy.
Here is a very bouncy bootleg that Offtapia recently sent me.

Still staying in the nations capital (Canberra) we have Team Wing on remix duties for The Aston Shuffle. This track starts out as a super mellow house jam with an epic vocal throughout but once that drivey bassline comes in..... Well listen for yourself.

Now we head over to the beachside town of Wollongong where these two kids have been making plenty of waves. Narrator & Ruslan teamed up to bring us this monster of a track, The breakdown is way cool, i found myself with this on repeat for ages..

Finally we head down to Melbourne to check out some fresh dubstep from Zayler. This kid is responsible for bringing dubstep to the streets down there with hosting the now legendary parties known as Voltage. Recently hosting heavy hitters Flux Pavillion and Doctor P. Borgore due to play very soon.
Be sure to check out his blog too Daft Who? big ups.. Here we have his brand new tune 'Scorpion'. Its so bouncy and aggresive, I've had this on repeat while writing this whole post if that means anything to you..

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