Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Soundcloud Roundup

If you're a regular on this blog you will most definitely have heard of Soundcould. If not.. well... Soundcloud is an online music hosting service offering artists the opportunity to showcase their works in high quality to a very large and growing community of 'clouders' (yep, coining the phrase). It also allows big name artists to preview works and in turn encourages your average Joe to purchase said works. For me I think Soundcould is possibly the biggest thing to happen to online music sharing since Myspace music as it's music, music, music and that's it. So for this post I surfed around Soundcloud to find awesome music for ya'll to listen to. Some well know and some a little more unknown.

First up is a remix of Pendulums classic 90's hit Coma by Melbournite Bass Kicka. Prepare yourself some seriously solid bass.

Pendulum - Coma (Bass Kicka's Drug Me then Hug Me Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD!! by Bass Kicka

This next one by NZ native Dan Aux is an absolute banger...1:30 in shit drops and bowel movments are had.

Tom Piper, Alex Schmitz - Frshcrck 2.0 (Dan Aux's Way Crazies Mix) [Bam Bam Muzik] by Dan Aux

A1 Bassline is no stranger to.. well..basslines. He played in Aus this year and I missed it which was utterly devastating. This track shares some great percussive work and a nice sub bass to bring a jungle-ish vibe that is sure to get the some booties shakin'.

A1 Bassline - Bad Boy Sound (master) by A1 BASSLINE

This next one I stumbled upon whilst on Smidgem regulars Peking Duks Souncloud. There seems to be a large amount of bassline talent coming out of Canberra and Ben Colin is no exception with this great dub version of Justin Timberlakes 'Love Stoned'.

Justin Timberlake - Lovestoned (Soiboi Dub) by Ben Colin

Speaking of the Duk they've put a minimix with a bunch of tracks by the boys and their friends. It includes 'Style' and 'To The Bar' which have been previously posted on Smidgem which you can get here.


I mentioned earlier in the post big name artists posting previews of upcoming tracks to give people a little taste of impending awesomeness. BeatauCue are at the forefront of todays electronic music scene and to put it simply this track is absolutely so amazing that it's my favourite song right now and I've only heard 2 minutes of it...I WILL be purchasing this when it is released.

BeatauCue - Disque Oh! (preview) by BeatauCue

Master of all things dance Diplo has recently got himself a Soundcloud. This track by M.I.A was a Diplo production to my knowledge and is a quality one at that. Crookers played this at Coachella in 2009 and the crowd (myself included) went ballistic. A party anthem if I've ever heard one.

M I A - XR2 by diplomaddecent

So that's my Soundcloud roundup. I'm considering making this a regular fixture here at Smidgem. So if you like it let me know in the comments...or just send me some serious vibes anyway you can.



  1. meh i didnt really like these guys. lol i love your other stuff!!! sooo much like shrillex! you made me love em

  2. Fair enough. Skrillex is smashing it at the moment that's for sure. Thanks for the kind words.