Friday, October 15, 2010

Local Love

Here is a taste of some fresh aussie talent that will bring the new era of electro to this amazing country.

First up we have the Bareback Djs. These two pro surfers now base themselves in San Diego, California and have been destroying partys ever since they got there. Be sure to check their blog follow the fish. Love the kookaburra sample they used throughout this track

Bareback Dj's - Mating Call by Bareback djs

Team Wing originated as a joke, a group of people who paid tribute to two things. 1. winging it and 2. the wingman. You can easily 'get the fuck down' to the chunky bassline with this bomb..

Ravel is Patrick Bellamy's solo work. Being a member of Tap Tap the kid definitly knows how to have a good time and can usually be found raving out to intense dance music like Boys Noize, Proxy & Surkin. So naturally he took the next step to producing his own brand of distorted noise..
You can also check out Tap Taps mixtapes here.

Here is the video

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