Wednesday, February 24, 2010

S'been A Lawng Time...

Jeez I feel like I'm constantly apologising for the increasing gaps between my posts...however I can assure you some solid quality in my forthcoming posts. So there have been a few songs that I have added to the rotation over the last couple of weeks. The first is a fantastic remix of The Count & Sindens latest release Elephant 1234 by relative newcomers to the scene Reset!. They have been getting huge props from some major artists with names like Foamo, Herve and Australias own The Aston Shuffle diggin' on their fresh sound.

The Count an Sinden - Elephant 1234 (Reset! Remix)

The second is by one of my favourite producers at them moment London's TLGB. Love the syncopation, love the grinding bass, love TLGB.

Kidda - Everything Bad Is Good For You (TLGB Remix)

I've pretty much been pumped on everything OH SNAP! have made to's as if they're taking the mickey out of the whole DJ/electronic scene and pop culture in general...'everyone's a DJ'... truer words never spoken!

OH SNAP! - Funk Dat 2010

Now lastly probably my favourite track to jive to of late. Bart B More murders this one. Put plain and simply it's just fun, bouncy, unique shit!

Bart B More - Romane
A flippin' fantastic remix of the above song by Para One.

Bart B More - Romane (Para One Remix)

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