Sunday, October 06, 2013

d-_-b Back Down to the Underground d-_-b

Wow, it's been 2 whole months since I last posted, so believe I have quite a lot to share. Life has been fkn hectic, but I've at least had time to stay on top of tunes for the most part...with that said, let's do this!

Starting off with an absolute heater from Richy Ahmed, one of the main exponents of the bassline-rich, groovy tech-funk consistently cranked out at the Hot Creations jam factory. This acid-laden tech bomb will make any dancefloor lose its collective mind, guaranteed.

Sticking with that heavy, trippy sound, here's my favorite off the 4-track EP the highly talented British duo of Dusky recently released on Will Saul's unfailingly-outstanding Aus Music.

What I love about Tim Green is that you know he's gonna deliver quality tracks, but you never know what shape you're gonna get them in. Sometimes he leans towards tech, other times towards dirtybird's signature booty-bass, and on another occasion he might keep it on the house tip. Regardless, his music is always of the highest caliber, and as usual his creativity shines through his latest release.

Despite his extreme popularity, it's nice to see that Eric Estornel (aka Maceo Plex aka Maetrik) remains as down-to-earth as ever. He decided to give this track away as a free download to all us fans after being crowned Producer of the Year at the annual DJ Awards in Ibiza just over a week ago. 

Sexy tech house groover, this one. Beats and amazingness, not sure what else to say. At times the female vocal + the effects placed on it definitely remind of Kenny Larkin's remix of Kevin Saunderson's "Future," one of the biggest tracks of the last couple years. Keeping an eye out for this label, Monog Records - I recommend you do the same!

The following gem I procured thanks to a guy named Jamie Jones, some of you may have heard of him ;)...this was played at the Paradise closing party @ DC10 in Ibiza around 7 am and everyone just went bananas. The tension created by the frequent synth stabs and the simplicity of the underlying beat and backbeats are highly contrasting but manage to complement each other very well. Dancefloor-approved!

New Oliver $ & Jesse Rose, on Play It Down. Can't imagine this not going over well here. There's a dub version too, in case that's your preference.

To close out, as usual, I'm adding a "throwback" jam. This one actually isn't that old (first heard it roughly 2 years ago), but something reminded me of it earlier so I played it, and it still sounds as fresh as it did the first time. I think you'll all enjoy!

As always, it's been a pleasure sharing some of my current favorites out there with all of you. I'll be back, soon this time :). Much love,

- AP

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