Thursday, September 05, 2013

Gimme Back The Night – Brodinski ft. Theophilus London

One of the men behind Bromance Records and certainly a tastemaker in these past couple years, the French-man Brodinski is set to release a new single with Theophilus London.  Bromance Records just reached double digits with their Illangelo LP a few weeks ago and now the head-hancho is upping their game once more.  Brodinski teams up with Theophilus London, which will mark the second time Brodinski has worked with Theo’s material.  If you recall Brodinski’s remix of “Last Name London” from Theophilus’ remix LP.  Now the two have teamed up for a stellar track.  The first version of “Gimme Back The Night” is a four minute acid-house mix that will leave you in a trance, but if you’re like me, the club version is much more enticing.  Both tracks are definitely worth listening to and you can grab this release September 3rd.

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