Saturday, August 03, 2013

Sickness Curing Sickness

Been sick for the better part of this week and the only thing making me better (aside from getting really high) has been adding more amazing music to my collection. House music = my chicken soup! Now, to share some of the beauties my ears have been enjoying the past few days. 

First off is a nice, raw house groove with a catchy, upbeat synth pattern, plenty of hi-hats and a little cowbell, all accompanied by a vocal inviting us to "forget about time" and "take a trip" - a jam perfect for a summer day from man-of-the-moment wAFF.

This track I love for so many reasons. Not only is it a deep, dreamy piece with excellent drummy elements and epic breakdowns, but the vocal sample is from a film that is a modern classic... I'd make you guess but f*k it:
Mean Girls! (Guys, don't act like you don't love it.)

Possibly the biggest release of the week is up-and-comer Sabb's new track on the always-on-fire Noir Music. There is a dub version for those who prefer, but the vocals make the track for me. Just picture DJs like Marco Carola, Luciano, or Loco Dice - all of whom have been supporting the release - dropping this at pretty much any given time in Ibiza. Magic.

The Adriatique boys can do no wrong right about now. This remix on one of my favorite labels, Zurich-based Cityfox, is supremely intelligent, intricate, and infectious. They keep it unpredictable and pleasing to the ears the entire way through, the way dance music should be.

The following is just a clip of a yet-to-be-released jam, but WOW is this gonna be massive. Sounds like Hot Since 82 has taken quite the influence from playing a couple times already at Richie Hawtin's ENTER parties in Ibiza. A massive remix of the legendary Green Velvet that's sure to rock dancefloors for the rest of summer!

As is apparently becoming the norm in my posts, going to end it with a trip back in time. Without further ado, here is what I've long considered to be my all-time favorite tech house track - one of my favorite tech duos remixing one of my favorite all-around house producers/DJs.

P.S. Aaaactually, one last thing before I go. Couldn't leave without sharing this gem - dark and twisted, the way you know I love it. These days, the name Fur Coat speaks for itself. The creators of 2012 anthem "You and I" are at it again with a massive remix of Ibiza staple DJ W!ld for Crosstown Rebels' sister label Rebellion, full of pounding beats and intergalactic sounds. Get deep!

Much love! Hope this post gets some asses shakin' this weekend. 

- AP

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