Friday, April 19, 2013

Get Lucky (feat. Pharrell Williams) (Radio Edit) – Daft Punk

Having been tantalized with teaser after teaser, beginning with a seemingly-timeless 16 second SNL ad to a sparkle-filled music video snippet at the Coachella Music Festival, the “Get Lucky (Radio Edit)” single from Daft Punk‘s upcoming album Random Access Memories is now officially available for purchase via iTunes/Amazon! Featuring the playful, catchy lyrics of singer/producer Pharrell Williams, and the funky, mesmerizing guitar riffs and solos from guitar legend Nile Rodgers, the French duo delivered everything we could have expected from such highly respected artists: some good ol’fashioned, robot-certified, disco-funk. Now, with that being said, this is still just the radio edit, so it is a few minutes short of the actual version that will be available with the rest of the album on May 21st. So, until then, you can blow the time away getting down to this long-awaited and official Daft Punk release. Spread the love everybody and share some good human-robot vibes with the masses!

Purchase the song HERE 

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