Thursday, March 14, 2013

Julian Jeweil, A. Mochi and Daphni (Caribou)....And something to chill out to.

You know that feeling....Where the lights are flashing , its some amazing time in the morning and there are only a few fuckers still around grooving like they just woke up after a good nights sleep. Probably the best part of the evening in my opinion.

New from the amazingly talented (only put out a few tracks every so often) Julian Jeweil.

Easily my favourite track at the moment. EP comes with a remix from Popof and another original titled Downtown.

I DARE you to find a darker more disturbing tune. I dont know much about A. Mochi except that he is from the land of sushi and samurai swords. This track is one of three released on a recent EP on Figure records.

Finishing with an oldy (In dance music terms, a year) but beyond a goldy is Caribous' most recent project Daphni, remixing Emeralds- Does It look like im here.

I had skipped this song so many times on my Ipod , but recently on the tram I was low on batteries and had to let it play through. This is eight and a half minutes of audiogasmus stifferus. Whatever that is im not sure. But you will experience it via hearing to this in a proper listening environment.

Oh why not keep it going....

And now relax.

Maybe a little bit more...


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