Thursday, October 18, 2012


His Last EP When Your Gone I can comfortably say is my highlight release of the year .Flying Lotus really knew he was onto some raw talent when he put him on Brainfeeder.
I was lucky enough to catch Lapalux in Melbourne earlier this year , after a giant scuby and a handful of beers, a speaker has never been so good to stand against.

I have only just purchased this new EP, so I cant quite give you the lowdown on how it sounds,but going from his recent form I am going to say it will be quite the mind bender.

If your unfamiliar with the fella, think extremely abstract ,beat orientated tunes that are layered to the shithouse, and are extremely stirring on the emotional side of things. I will throw up a few tracks from his previous EP to give you a little taste. And then after that, go buy his new shit!!!

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