Monday, March 26, 2012

DJ Kool Dek - Humrush (Alli Borem remix)

The guy in question is the Italian original gangsta DJ KOOL DEK, one of the most respected rising talents in our beautiful country, who already showed his mad skillz on labels such as Saved, Be As One, Area Remote, Suara and, of course, Paul’s Boutique.
Providing extra remixes to this bad old skool roller named “Humrush” we have one hell of a Dream Team!
Tech-house master DEN ISHU [Desolat/ Area Remote/ Trapez] drops 2 insane-in-da-brain stompers that will make you shake your rump!
But for me it's Italy’s youngest player ALLI BOREM [Desolat/ Suara/ Kling Klong] who really steps up and delivers the hardest cut of the whole box, real shit to get the people jump around.

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