Monday, December 27, 2010

The Post NY Chill

So this time of year is known for having a few... all leading up to that holy grail of party nights New Years Eve. Most people around the country will be nursing a serious hangover come new years day. Others will be saving themselves for the numerous big name festivals that fall on the 1st of January and some will even be mashing the two together with a lot of chemical help I'm sure. So in the knowledge that at some point following NY festivities you will be feeling under the weather I've complied a few songs and a mixtape on the more chilled out side because I can't imagine anything worse than a grinding dubstep bassline when I'm  paying from the previous nights shenanigans.

First up a great remix of Bag Raiders new single Sunlight. Melbourne producer GLOVES immerses the original with super soft synths, filtered vocals and funky percussion to bring us a down right, feel good song.

Bag Raiders - Sunlight (GLOVES Remix)

It was a terrible tragedy when Ou Est Le Swimming Pool frontman Charles Haddon passed away back in August. I could see a large future for the British synth-pop group. Frankmusik has done a fantastic cover of their original hit 'Dance The Way I feel' which is full of those signature powerful Frank vocals. Southern California trio Fiero up the ante a little on this one with their masterful bootleg.

Fankmusik - Dance The Way I Feel (Fiero Respect Bootleg)

With Breakbot you are just guaranteed a good song and this one is no exception. With top notch vocals from Parisian singer Irfane this one is lo-fi bliss. The Aeroplane remix is also very noteworthy, however you will have to pick that one up at Beatport. (I can't give away everything)

Breakbot - Baby I'm Yours (ft. Irfane)

When I first this song I freaked out. I love the original by Bon Iver and it seems that it became a huge Indie favourite. Das Kapital applys a perfect amount of everything in this re-rub. Perfectly executed drums and a powerful yet somehow distant and appropriate bassline. Combined with the soft vocals of the original this song is truly a masterpiece. I had one of my frequent "this is the best fucking song ever" moments with this one however I think given that over the last few weeks it's accrued a serious number of play in my iT that it's justified.

Bon Iver - Skinny Love (Das Kapital Rerub)

This one is similar to the last as I was also a big fan of the original. Edward Shapre & The Magnetic Zeros  have seen a lot of success in 2010 especially with their song Home. RAC takes an absolutely blissful road with this mix, this song is a definite improvement on the original. You can't help but smile when you listen to this lovely piece of music.

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Home (RAC Mix)

Last but not least the mixtape. This mixtape would have to be one of my favourite and probably one of my most listened to. Cut Copy usually known for their synth-pop originals have been known to play a DJ set from time to time. They release this mix a few years back and I instantly fell in love. An hour of super cruisy, laid back pad-synth laden awesomeness. This one goes down well where ever and whenever you play it. Cutter are on the verge of releasing their third album and you can preview some of it here.

Cut Copy - So Cosmic

Bonus vids.....NICE!

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